Grand Cru Storage jar

Black and clear, 2 l
EUR 26,95

Grand Cru Storage jar

Oak and clear, 2 l
EUR 34,95

Grand Cru Candle holder

Zinc alloy, 14 cm
EUR 39,95

Grand Cru Oval plate

White, 23 cm
EUR 17,95

Grand Cru Oval plate

White, 30 cm
EUR 26,95

Grand Cru Salt mill

White and oak, 19 cm
EUR 49,95

Grand Cru Pepper mill

White and oak, 19 cm
EUR 49,95

Grand Cru Lid for small ovenproof dish

Grey, 24,5 cm x 2,5 cm x 13 cm
EUR 5,95

Grand Cru Lid for large ovenproof dish

Grey, 38 cm x 2 cm x 25,5 cm
EUR 9,95

Grand Cru Lid for medium ovenproof dish

Grey, 24,5 cm x 2 cm x 24,5 cm
EUR 6,95

Anniversary steel

Rosendahl Grand Cru

In 2018, Rosendahl’s “Grand Cru” signature range is celebrating twenty-five years on the Danish design scene, but there is no sign of metal fatigue in this universe of iconic grooves. On the contrary, Grand Cru – based on the characteristic steel and rubber wine bottle stopper – has never been in a stronger position. The products of the Grand Cru range now cover virtually all categories for the dining table and the home. To mark the occasion, Rosendahl is launching a new interpretation of the classic taper candle holder, applying the same DNA to a new, stylish steel utility design, with the intention of making every day beautiful.

The Rosendahl Grand Cru Anniversary Candle Holder (H: 14 cm) in polished stainless steel is priced at EUR 39.95 (RRP).

This new product will be in shops from early March.

Grand Cru-formula mill

Rosendahl Grand Cru

Contemporary cooking now embraces many different taste sensations – from vegan cuisine to world cuisine. This calls for a well-stocked library of seasoning in the kitchen drawer, and also drives the need for freshly ground salt and pepper on the table to give just that final touch that we all know when we taste it! With this in mind – and to celebrate the silver jubilee of the Grand Cru range this year – Rosendahl is now launching a new mill design to spice up the dining table and the meal, with a conical design, glazed white porcelain and organic oak top in keeping with the familiar DNA of Grand Cru.

Rosendahl Grand Cru Salt Mill and Pepper Mill (H: 19 cm) in porcelain, with oak lid, priced at EUR 49.95 each (RRP). The mills are also sold as a set at EUR 79.00 (RRP).

These new items will be in shops from early March.

Spicy spaghetti

Rosendahl Grand Cru

Even as New Nordic Cuisine grows in popularity, there is still room for old classics in contemporary food culture. This is particularly true of pasta, and old-school spaghetti looks very tempting with simple but delicious ways of serving it up. This everyday hero of all is worthy of appropriate storage, and with that in mind Rosendahl is now incorporating a tall spaghetti jar in the Grand Cru range, with a smart spice jar as its sidekick with the optional addition of a grinding mechanism for modern-day “mammas” and DIY gastrochefs to use.

The Grand Cru Spaghetti Jar (2 l), made of glass is priced at EUR 26.95 with a black plastic lid, or EUR 34.95 with an oak lid (RRP). The Grand Cru Spice Jar (H: 9 cm), made of glass with an oak lid, is priced at EUR 15.95 (RRP).

The new products will be available in the shops from the beginning of March, and the Grand Cru Spice Jars are already on sale.

Sidelæns brunchservering

Rosendahl Grand Cru

Lige siden brunchbegrebet blev introduceret i Skandinavien, har vi elsket det. Den uhøjtidelige samværsform er som skabt til Nordic Living og til vores forkærlighed for social dining, og på blot et enkelt årti er ”brunch” gået fra at være en trend til en tradition, vi dyrker i stor stil både derhjemme og på cafe. I dag er det ’at brunche’ dog ikke helt som for ti år siden. I takt med brunchfænomenets sejrsgang er udvalget på tallerkenen blevet stadig mere raffineret og tilpasset den individuelle smag, og alt serveres ikke længere på en tallerken. Tværtimod dyrker den moderne brunch i stadig større grad de individuelle serveringer, og til det formål har Rosendahl skabt to nye Grand Cru produkter – en oval tallerken og et lidt større tallerkenfad – der er perfekte til sideservering til alle måltider, men især når det er brunch o’clock.

Grand Cru Tallerken, oval i 23 cm og 30 cm i hvidt porcelæn koster hhv. 129,95 og 199,95 kr. (vejl.)

Nyhederne findes i handlen fra primo februar 2017.

De nye produkter kan ses her.


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