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Vase miniature 3 pcs.
Vase miniature 3 pcs.
Vase miniature 3 pcs.
Vase miniature 3 pcs.
Vase miniature 3 pcs.
Vase miniature 3 pcs.
Welcome spring with the iconic Omaggio stripes from Kähler, made according to old craft techniques. The fine Omaggio olive green vases in miniature shapes fit elegantly into spring colours green shades. The miniature vases come in three unique variants, with the hand-painted stripes each adding a unique and decorative expression to interior design. Decorate with the small olive green miniature vases from the Omaggio series in your home, where together they create a vibrant dynamic. A small daffodil or snowdrop is ideal for the 8 cm. tall Omaggio vase. The three vases stand beautifully together in an adorable little designsetting.



The Omaggio series is one of the biggest design successes from Kähler in recent times. It was launched in 2008 and quickly became a great success with its new way of working with stripes in a modern and soft design. The series has a creative and playful appearance that captures the spirit of the time and has made it popular among design enthusiasts all over the world. The organic shapes and hand-painted stripes give the series an unpretentious and joyful look that appeals to many people, all of whom share a love of good design and quality.

Omaggio means 'celebrate' in Italian, and the series is a tribute to Kähler’s design and craftsmanship tradition, which dates back to 1839. The inspiration for the hand-painted, wide stripes was taken from the most skilled ceramic painters in Kähler’s old workshop, which worked with great precision and innovation to support the forms of the ceramics. Craft tradition is reflected in the production process, where many of the old techniques are used – for example, the stripes are hand-painted with a brush on the raw porcelain.

Kähler's Omaggio vases have between five and seven stripes depending on the size. And every product in the Omaggio range is passed through several hands when it is painted, glazed and quality-checked. This makes each product unique and gives it the life, soul and authenticity that only the human hand can add. The creation of stripes in particular is a fascinating study in specialised craftsmanship. Although it looks effortless, it takes finesse and years of experience to create the perfect stripe. A precise speed on the wheel. A carefully matched amount of paint on the brush. And a soft movement with an extraordinarily gentle hand. The thickness, distance and position of the stripes are anything but random, but carefully designed to support the shape of each piece in the Omaggio range.

The Omaggio series includes vases in multiple sizes, bowls, dishes, candlesticks and Christmas baubles that can be used in many different ways in the home to create a personal and creative style. The iconic and graphic Omaggio stripes create a fresh and playful look and inspire you to create a personal and artistic interior. The products can be used as individual design statements and mixed and matched across colours and shapes to create a unique look. Either way, Omaggio will help create a personal, Nordic and cosy atmosphere in your home.

Omaggio was created by the design duo Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft – also known as Stilleben. They belong to a new generation of designers who help define Danish design of our time. Both graduated from the Danish Design School in the ceramics and glass course and have a unique understanding of how to work with details in minimalist designs. In addition to the Omaggio series, still life has created many new trends and modern classics for Kähler.

The Omaggio series is a classic example of how Kähler takes the best from the artistic ceramic heritage and interprets it in collaboration with young, talented designers. For more than 180 years, Kähler has been part of the Danish cultural heritage and is still a leader on the art-ceramic scene – nationally and internationally. And everything that is created takes place with respect for Kähler’s heritage, history and tradition – always with authenticity, art and creativity in mind.

For Kähler, craftsmanship and design are two sides of the same coin. This has been the case for almost two centuries, when Kähler has been the epitome of high-quality ceramics. And that’s how it is today, where every single product carrying the HAK signature is carefully handmade.

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The story of Kähler begins as early as 1839, when the Dutch potter Herman J. Kähler opened a small ceramics workshop in Næstved and crafted the first Kähler vase. This was the start of a unique design adventure that would one day resonate around the world. However, the ceramic adventure only truly began when his son, Herman A. Kähler, took over the famous workshop in 1875.
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