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Bed linen Songbird baby 70x80cm SE
Bed linen Songbird baby 70x80cm SE
Bed linen Songbird baby 70x80cm SE
Bed linen Songbird baby 70x80cm SE
Bed linen Songbird baby 70x80cm SE
Bed linen Songbird baby 70x80cm SE
The sweet Kay Bojesen songbirds bring joy and flies straight into the heart of children and grown-ups with their charming personalities. Now, a plethora of colourful birds have found their way to the new bedding in the Kay Bojesen Babies range, creating a playful and friendly pattern that makes floating off to sleep even cosier. The junior bedding measures 70 x 80. The soft bedding set with bird print comes in the sizes baby and junior including both a pillowcase and duvet cover. It’s made of 100% organic cotton with the Nordic Eco label and GOTS certification, ensuring a natural and comfortable sleep environment for babies and toddlers. If you wash the bedding at 40°C it will be perfectly clean, but it can also be washed at 60°C and spin-dried without causing any damage to the fabric or the print. With playfulness, humour, and soul Kay Bojesen approached the design process from the perspective of a child. He wanted to make something pure with room for imagination, and the minimalistic design language, the bright colours, and the friendly expression of his figurines became his signature. A gift from Kay Bojesen Babies will introduce the little ones to the playful universe of Kay Bojesen, and bedding is a great christening gift for the baby – or birthday present for the toddler. The cute bird print will look great in the children’s room, and the child will love the little bird friends who will say goodnight at bedtime – and good morning when a new day dawns.

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Babies is a series of bed linen and toys from Kay Bojesen Denmark that bring colours and quirkiness to original Danish design, and excellent craftsmanship to younger children. In his many world-famous designs, Kay Bojesen sparked our imagination and talked to the child in all of us - but he also dedicated some of his designs to the really young. His unique talent for creating aesthetic, smiling lines has turned Kay Bojesen’s magical world of wooden figures into beloved classics around the world – and the Babies series is no exception! 

For many people, his designs have gained a special status and serve as a loving memory from childhood. This is particularly the case in the Nordic countries, where the iconic wooden figures are given as gifts for christenings, confirmations and birthdays and naturally become part of the family. Kay Bojesen Denmark's Babies series is for those of stroller size, and feature imaginative designs tailored for children.

The Babies series is a modern development of Kay Bojesen’s original design and includes all the colourful figures as motifs on 100% organic bedding textiles.In the Babies series, you’ll also find a cosy mobile in FSC®-certified painted beech with the lovely songbirds and wooden balls in different colours. The mobile is great in baby's room above the changing table or the children’s bed and soothes the youngest member of the family with something nice to look at.

All Babies products are true to Kay Bojesen’s heritage DNA, and both toys and bed linen are made to be passed down – either to younger siblings or as a decor for the child’s room, where for example, the pram chain of figures could later decorate a child's notice board, and the duvet and pillow set could work great on a doll’s bed.

A gift from Kay Bojesen Babies is a great way to introduce the youngest ones to Kay Bojesen’s imaginative and playful world of figures. Design, quality and creativity are the keywords, and a gift from Kay Bojesen Babies can bring joy for years to come – and maybe even be passed on to the next generation.
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