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We preserve and develop Danish design icons

    Lyngby Porcelæn
    Lyngby Porcelæn

    Old craftsmanship meets modern design

    JUNA Bæk&bølge
    When dreams come true

    Sleep tight with JUNA

    Birds, Kay Bojesen

    The songbirds

    Naming of the birds

    Kay Bojesen’s songbirds are a unique collection that comes in a wide range of cheerful colours. Each bird has been named and all the birds are designed based on Kay Bojesen’s original drawings from the 1950s.

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    Rosendahl Soft Spot Solar Circular

    Design for disassembly

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    Reworked monkey, Kay Bojesen

    Each monkey is unique


    The monkey’s expression and 'personality' develops over time. Over time, the impact of light and air will change any colour nuances in the teak into a more uniform, golden brown warm tone. By nature, the teak has an uneven quality with a colourful appearance, and is described as a living natural product.
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    Monkey in production, Wooden animals, Kay Bojesen
    How the Kay Bojesen monkey is made
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    Kähler Astro figures
    Astro - The new stars in history's figures
    Set, Grand Cru Colorful, Rosendahl
    Colourful table setting with Rosendahl
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    Monkey, Wooden Animals, Kay Bojesen
    How to repair your Kay Bojesen Monkey
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    Monkeys, Kay Bojesen
    Kay Bojesen’s teak monkeys' differences
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    Monkey, Kay Bojesen
    Kay Bojesen Monkey – What can I do?
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