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Design your career

Design your career

At Rosendahl Design Group we believe that we can make a small but significant difference in people’s everyday lives by enabling everyone to decorate their homes with high quality design.

By preserving and developing Danish design icons for present and future generations, we strive not only to safeguard the creative heritage that helped form Danish design culture but to expand opportunities to explore the dreams that will shape tomorrow and create a more sustainable world.

If you share our vision for the future, we invite you to take charge of your career in one of Denmark’s leading design houses. We trust you to continually learn and grow as you design your career with us, enabling Rosendahl Design Group to make Danish design icons available for the many.

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Meet some of us

Eva Samuelsson

Sustainability Manager

In my role as Sustainability Manager at Rosendahl Design Group I handle a wide range of tasks concerning the sustainability area. Together with a large number of colleagues within the company, I work across brands and functions to succeed in implementing the responsibility agenda and our company goals – all with a base in the overall responsibility strategy, which is one out of five prioritised strategic focus areas.

In close cooperation with the management team, I am given a lot of responsibility and freedom within my area. Since joining Rosendahl Design Group three years ago, I have rose to the occasion and learned a lot on the way by working in a company with high ambitions and a will to play a larger role on the sustainability agenda in our industry, day by day.

Being able to do so, together with the best colleagues in a great atmosphere, makes Rosendahl Design Group a great place to be.

Paul Richard Hailing

Digital Artist

I’ve been working as a Digital Artist for the better part of 22 years. Specialising in 3D modelling, photorealistic renders, advanced photo-retouching, and design. Whether its pencil sketching a Christmas decoration or producing concept visualizations, working on all Rosendahl Design Group’s brands makes for an extremely varied and exciting workday.

Here at Rosendahl Design Group, we simply have the best melting pot of like-minded creatives with their own diverse backgrounds. All of whom are willing to help and share their knowledge with a smile whenever necessary.  

In my opinion it is very much the passion driven diversity that powers us all along here at Rosendahl Design Group. Challenged and inspired by each other… there is a reason why people stay here for the long haul!

Chiao-Ying Chen

Digital Designer

With areas of expertise in branding, digital and graphic design, I make visual communication for physical and digital worlds. Using the latest methods, tools, and user-centered approach, my role is to create enjoyable brand experiences.

Teamwork is an essential part of my everyday life at Rosendahl Design Group where I work closely with production managers, photographer, copywriter in my team as well as the marketing and e-commerce departments in general. Everyone contributes with ideas, suggestions, including outstanding knowledge in their professional areas. It is effective and inspiring. I am very happy to work with my colleagues and shape our brand stories together.

As an employee, I also appreciate that Rosendahl Design Group has built an employee-first culture. A healthy work-life balance is promoted and supported. I am able to carve out appropriate times for professional and personal life, which are equally important to me.

Trine Lilhauge Nørgaard

Packing Specialist

Every season, I work with all the new products across our brands. Together with teams from Design, Project Development and Marketing, I develop the packaging by constructing boxes and inserts based on early 3D models of the future products. My job is to ensure that a box takes excellent care of the product during transport and is a good experience for the customer to open and dispose after use.

Right now, I focus on getting all packaging to be as sustainable as possible. Together with our box suppliers, I am working on implementing the changes preparing us to meet the new EU regulations for Producer Responsibility 2025. It is fantastic to be a responsible intermediary and I enjoy combining practical knowledge in the developing process and see the final packaging cover as many needs as possible.

Being part of a family company gives a very special DNA. Working in great respect for each other’s professionalism on brands which are all part of the Danish design culture, I am very proud to do my best to keep them that way.
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