Acting with care
As an international design company, as an employer across several countries and as a business partner with suppliers all over the world, we take active responsibility for the impact we have on the environment and the climate, as well as on the people our business is touch with.
The journey from raw materials over processing and transportation to finished items that end customers unpack at home or pass forward as gifts, is long and involves numerous steps along the way. As all parts of the process potentially involve risks of impacting people and the environment, we see it as our responsibility to work targeted to increase our knowledge of this journey and ongoingly to improve transparency so that we can act consciously and effectively to minimize our impact. Not just in our own processes but in the scopes covering suppliers, hauliers and other partners. While making it easier for end customers to make informed, responsible choices.

Sharing the responsibility – and the actions
Through a materiality assessment in 2019, we identified our primary impact areas and from here which UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should to focus on, further broadening our scope along the way.
We concentrate our actions around SDGs 8, 12, 13 and 15, working eagerly to implement these goals in all relevant parts of our business. Together with our partners.

Illustration: SDGs 8, 12, 13, 15

  • Engagement

Responsible by design
No business anywhere in the world is capable of solving the complex challenges the globe faces, on its own. This applies for Rosendahl Design Group as well, only through close collaboration with suppliers, customers, employees and other partners can we truly make a difference.
In order to maximize our impact and to cooperate and learn from others, we are a member of several organizations within corporate social responsibility.

In 2018, Rosendahl Design Group A/S became a member of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative that lays out 10 general principles for the way businesses work with social responsibility.
As a member of the UN Global Compact, we are obliged to integrate the 10 principles for human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption into our strategy and corporate culture.

Read more about the UN Global Compact here [indsæt link til:]


Rosendahl Design Group collaborates with suppliers in many different countries. We want to work with suppliers whose employees work under conditions that, as a minimum, live up to the minimum requirements for the supplier’s home country as well as internationally applicable legislation, and where the supplier constantly works to improve these conditions.
Rosendahl Design Group is a member of amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), which bases its work on a common Code of Conduct. Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct comprises 11 principles that forbid child labour, slavery, corruption and discrimination, and which require employers to ensure good working conditions as well as reasonable working hours and a decent wage, and to allow freedom of association.

Read more about amfori BSCI here [indsæt link til:]


Rosendahl Design Group is also a member of amfori BEPI, a framework for our manufacturers to identify and manage environmental and climate risks themselves. They can also receive professional guidance for practical environmental improvements through amfori BEPI.
The programme spans continuous improvements and progress covering 11 environmental aspects from energy consumption and carbon emissions to the management of chemicals.

Read more about amfori BEPI here [indsæt link til:]


The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative (DIEH) gathers leading companies, NGOs, business and industry associations, public bodies and trade unions in a unique network.
Rosendahl Design Group is a member of DIEH because it means we can be part of an open, positive dialogue with other members of the initiative about topics related to ethical trade, contributing to finding balanced solutions around opportunities, challenges and dilemmas in relation to ethical trade.

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  • Carbon footprint

Limiting the impact of our business
In 2019 Rosendahl Design Group embarked on a journey to fully understand and document our carbon footprint with the aim of covering SCOPE 1 and SCOPE 2 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol with the inclusion of what we regard as the most important parts of SCOPE 3.
Our aim for the first part of this journey has been to create an overview of the largest impact areas in our operations. The next phases include digging deeper into the relevant categories, improving the input data quality to achieve more accurate results and allowing us to set quantitative targets to reduce our carbon footprint, and closely follow up on the reduction via data gathering.
The carbon footprint calculation of Rosendahl Design Group is based on the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol with the standard covering the accounting and reporting of seven greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

Please see our COP report for a full overview of our carbon footprint reporting [indsæt link til underside for COP-rapporter]


  • Policies
    • Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption

As a member of the UN Global Compact we support the anti-corruption principle, working against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. As such, Rosendahl Design Group condemns all forms of corruption and bribery.

Our Group anti-bribery policy is simple. Rosendahl Design Group has zero-tolerance of all forms of  direct and indirect bribery. Employees at Rosendahl Design Group may not offer or receive illegal or unauthorized gifts of money or other forms of payment or incentives to obtain business or private benefits. Rosendahl Design Group’s stance is the same towards our business partners, who also may not receive, give or in other ways be associated with bribery.


  • Reporting

Please, look inside
As a responsible design house we value the opportunity to be open and transparent about our business. Whether about numbers and figures, progress on carbon footprint reduction or the dilemmas of running a global business with suppliers spread around the globe.
As a member of the UN Global Compact we report on our activities and progress in an annual COP (Communication On Progress) report according to the standards laid out as part of the UNGC.

You will find our COP reports here [indsæt link til underside for COP-rapporter] logo


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