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About JUNA

Sweet dreams with a clear conscience

A colourful and responsible history

JUNA is a commited and visionary Danish textile brand with both a responsible and fun history dating back to 1972, when Niels Junager founded a small textile import business in Odense. JUNA’s product range consists of products for the bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. And ever since JUNA's foundation, concepts such as recycling, ecology and the responsible use of shared resources have been an active part of the brand.

It all started with Niels Junager’s passion for home textiles. Under the name JUNA, he imported high-quality fabrics, which were sold from the small Funen company to textile distributors around Denmark. A few years later, JUNA began distributing  high-quality bed linen from the Finnish brand Finlayson on the Danish market.

Dreams come true with JUNA

They did back then, and still do today. Niels Junager dreamt of selling his own textiles and so launched collaborations around Europe. He started producing bed linen in Portugal – a country that had longstanding and proud traditions in home textiles that were compatible with JUNA’s values.

The collaboration enables JUNA to progress from exclusively supplying the Danish textile retailers with fabrics to now also helping them to produce finished products such as bed linen, which was often developed specifically for their market and customers. JUNA was a high-quality Danish home textile brand from the very beginning, and the company wanted to give Danish consumers something special – new colours, often rooted in nature - and thus something valuable for the home.

Calm balance with a sense of big dreams

The bed linen enabled JUNA to offer something that was both unique and durable. Something that added value – and which also added a beautiful aesthetic to the home but in a natural way. Even back then responsibility, care, creativity and big dreams were part of JUNA's DNA. Modern and durable textiles of the highest quality, inspired by the infinite colours, emotions and tranquility we experience out in nature. And this sense of calm balance with a hint of big dreams is still the very essence of JUNA today.

Following the success of the bed linen, JUNA continued its growth by focusing on tablecloths and created elegant, beautiful and timeless tablecloths of high quality with a special weave. The fabrics were carefully selected by JUNA and transported from Brazil to a local sewing room in Ørbæk, Funen, where the tablecloths were sewn. JUNA was responsible for the design process and ensured that all material was transported to the sewing room, after which the finished tablecloths were sold to the specialist trade and large residential stores throughout the country.
Cushions with floral cushion cover from JUNA on chair

A responsible brand philosophy

When it comes to production, JUNA has always shown consideration for the environment and the value chain. The same goes for the people who make and sell JUNA. Being responsible is deeply rooted in JUNA’s brand philosophy. A philosophy that includes the belief that value is created in a good relationship with business partners. That's why an excellent level of service has always been crucial to JUNA’s relationship with both production and all retailers.

From fabrics to home textiles

Over time, the tablecloth production was moved to Portugal, but JUNA kept its own sewing room for a number of years and has since taken pride in serving customers who are lookinh for beautiful tablecloths and bed linen – and now also soft towels!

As the brand grew, JUNA expanded its product range, and soon it wasn't only beautiful and high-quality tablecloths and bed linen that it was supplying to Danish homes. Up through the 2000s things suddenly accelerated and JUNA’s range grew. The collection now also included towels in organic cotton, cushions, throws and kitchen textiles. However, the rapidly growing range and a more concentrated focus on selected product groups also meant that JUNA had to say goodbye to the curtain fabrics and the collaboration with Finlayson.

JUNA had begun life as an importer and supplier of fabrics, but had now become a supplier of finished, high-quality home textiles. However, JUNA was still the same company at heart, formed by close relationships with suppliers, by providing high-quality materials and, above all, great service to all customers.

For many customers, the name JUNA therefore still meant quality, and the good reputation spread by itself. Generation after generation had grown up with the story of the very special JUNA quality, typically told by a mother, grandmother or mother-in-law. A story that still speaks for itself today, where JUNA is synonymous with quality products that provide better sleep, beautiful surroundings and sensual well-being in many homes.
Stack of washcloths and towels from JUNA's Check series
Blue Bæk&Bølge bedding from JUNA

Care for the environment and people

Responsibility with consideration for the environment and people, and focus on minimising the impact on the landscape and nature that underlies our existence are all part of JUNA's DNA. JUNA’s strong attitude to sustainability is deeply rooted. It has always been important for JUNA to produce products responsibly – both for people and the environment. That’s why most JUNA products are made from 100% organic cotton, which is both OEKO-TEX® labelled and GOTS-certified – created with the intention of being sensual, comfortable and responsibly produced, so that you can rest easy every night with a clear conscience. 

Make life more beautiful, softer, colourful and fun

JUNA is all about the joy of surrounding yourself with textiles that make life more beautiful, soft, colourful and fun. Take for example Bæk&Bølge, JUNA’s modern bed linen classic with roots back in an old, classic style of weaving. The iconic honeycomb quality of this organic series gives you a great night’s sleep. The design is continually updated with new on-trend colours, which are beautifully and creatively incorporated into the Nordic interior design, creating a fun contrast to the whites and greys that we often surround ourselves with.

That’s why colours and patterns are a big part of JUNA, as they often give both the bed linen and the rest of the range a cosy and unpretentious feel. There is something familiar about the classic checked and striped weave of the Bæk&Bølge series, which we update seasonally with a modern colour palette. And it's this combination of past and present styles and traditions that helps bring a unique and cheerful feel to your interior decor. Because that’s basically what JUNA is all about. Peace and balance. Play and joy.
Colorful bedding in green and yellow from JUNA's Bæk&Bølge series

Peace and balance. Play and joy

Responsibility is important. Care is great. But you also need fun. So even though JUNA’s products are based on serious concepts, they have a cheerful and informal style that gives you sweet dreams. Since its foundation in 1972, JUNA has embraced play and creativity, and over the years the brand has remained focused on creating lifestyle products that remain relevant and are used regularly. With JUNA, you will therefore always find that good textile craftsmanship is mixed and matched into new and surprising looks across materials and trends.

JUNA has been part of the Rosendahl Design Group since 2016. and thanks to its continued focus on a positive and playful interpretation of current fashion trends, JUNA has, in its own unique and creative way, sharpened its profile and cemented its position as one of the market’s leading textile brands. The entire JUNA philosophy of high quality and attention to detail has also been preserved. Every year, season after season, the fundamental values that have built loyal bonds with JUNA customers since 1972 have remained in place.

This special combination of creative anchoring and continuously renewing iconic designs is what today makes JUNA a commited and visionary Danish brand with strong Danish roots. JUNA makes modern and durable textiles of the highest quality, inspired by the endless colours, emotions and unique tranquility we experience in the nature around us. This means that when you bring JUNA into your home, you will get a sense of balance and nature, with a hint of big dreams. Each JUNA product tells its own story with its own pattern, colour and material choice, where every inch of the design is inspired by the richness of nature.

Combining traditions with contemporary design

Every day, JUNA works on home furnishing trends for the following seasons in order to combine tradition with contemporary design. The resulting designs are therefore durable and bring a sense of presence. Responsibility and honest values are a constant, but the designs are also fun and beautiful and inspire sweet dreams.

JUNA’s collections focus on simplicity and relevance, but are rooted in tradition. More importantly, JUNA is borne by curiosity and passion, which you will feel in every single fibre of its products, whether bed linen, towels, tablecloths or the many different styles in JUNA Wardrobe. This latter comprises outfits made from waste fabric from previous bedding productions. JUNA is sweet dreams and responsible fashion without compromise.

JUNA gives you certified quality products for your bedroom and wardrobe. So you can indulge in colourful textiles and take care of yourself, your loved ones and the environment with a clear conscience. JUNA lets you dream big and create your own unique style. And with JUNA, you won't ever have to compromise on quality or responsible production in order to achieve a beautiful, colourful and contemporary design. Dreams come true with JUNA

JUNA – sweet dreams
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