Preserving and developing Danish design

Rosendahl Design Group is an international design company, home to a unique portfolio of eight iconic brands that millions of people use and treasure every day.

As one of Denmark’s leading and most influential design houses with activities across the globe, our goal is to rediscover classics and advance new, sustainable designs, distributing them throughout Scandinavia and other selected markets.

For two generations now, the Rosendahl family has preserved, developed and brought to market Danish design icons enabling everyone to decorate their homes with high-quality design created in close collaboration with leading designers.


  • Vision & Mission

Solid Nordic foundation – strong international outlook
For many years, Danish design has been internationally recognized for its stringent design language and focus on functionality. Born out of this tradition, Rosendahl Design Group has exported Danish design primarily to Northern Europe as well as to Japan and the United States since the end of the 1990s.
While consumers previously orientated themselves primarily in physical retail stores, shopping for design items has become much more fluid today. Not only has an increasing share of sales gone digital, it takes place on mobile platforms and it has become a natural expectation of end customers that they can freely access products directly from the manufacturer or from retailers, at any given time.

Knowing where to go. And how to get there
Evolving our company from a traditional wholesale business to a fast paced two-gear company, engaging frequently with end consumers as well as wholesale, we initiated a transformation of Rosendahl Design Group in 2020. Progressing according to plan, the transformation will take us from a primarily Nordic player to a truly global company as we are scaling up significantly within digital technologies supporting our international expansion and growth for both wholesale and e-commerce.

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Our Mission:
We preserve and develop Danish Design Icons to make them available for the many

Our Vision:
To become the preferred international interior design house among retailers and consumers


  • Our heritage

Indsæt foto af Erik Rosendahl.

A proud history of nurturing Danish design
Our company is rooted in the ability to think freely, seek new opportunities and push the boundaries to create lasting designs. The story of Rosendahl Design Group dates back to 1984, when the industrious Erik Rosendahl founded our company. What began as an agency focused on reselling has since developed into the largest Danish-owned design house and into one of the country's strongest manufacturers of designs for tables and homes.

To this day, innovation, creativity and respect for the Danish design tradition remain the cornerstones of Rosendahl Design Group. Our ambition is to showcase and protect Danish design treasures by rediscovering classics – and creating new ones in accordance with our strong heritage. We are proud to add value to our customers’ life by presenting a brand portfolio that includes beloved classics within Danish design as well as innovative lifestyle products for tables, kitchens and homes around the world.

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  • Our leadership

Our leadership
Rosendahl Design Group is led by CEO Mette Maix and an Executive Leadership team. Our Board of Directors consists of members with experience within the design industry, global branding, international expansion and sustainability.

Meet our management [Link til Management-underside]

Meet our Board of Directors [Link til Board-underside]

  • Management

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Mette Maix


Lisbeth Dau
CFO, VP Finance, IT, Legal & HR


Julie Haller Baggesen
VP, Design, Product Development & Supply Chain


Casper Freddie
VP, Global Sales


Susanne Stensgaard Jagd
VP, E-commerce, E-commerce, Digitalization & Marketing


  • Board of Directors

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Henrik Rosendahl
Chairman of the board

Owner of Rosendahl Design Group

Jimmi Mortensen
Vice Chairman of the board
CEO of Actona Company A/S

Anna Lise Grandjean
Board member
President of BusinessBeyond

Jacob Holm
Board member
Former CEO of Fritz Hansen A/S


  • Facts & Figures

Our business in numbers
Combining love of design with sound business acumen is a winning formula.
Here you can find the most important financial figures for the Group. If you wish to dive deeper into the numbers behind the business, you can find much more detail in our annual reports below.

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Financial key figures (m DKK)


Total revenue 546,335
EBITDA              45,903
Development in revenue Rosendahl Desing Group A/S 2016-2020
Graf over udvikling fra 2016-2020, jf. Nedenstående.

Share of sales (%)
Revenue split across activities and geographical markets
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Please see our annual reports for further details.

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  • Annual report 2021 [link til: ]
  • Annual report 2020 [link til: ]
  • Annual report 2019 [link til: ]
  • Annual report 2018 [link til: ]
  • Annual report 2017 [link til: ] logo


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