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Shelf with a Bjørn Wiinblad vase, an Arne Jacobsen Clock, a Kay Bojesen Ape, wine glasses from  Homegaard, a big white vase from Kähler, two colorful mugs from Lyngby and towels from Juna. Behinde the shelf there is a wall with a light cyan/green color, and the eight brand written in white.
8 iconic danish brands


Kay Bojesen

Iconic Danish Design

As a multi brand house Rosendahl Design Group brings together eight iconic Danish brands, designed for the wear and tear of everyday life and the charm of life’s special occasions.

Featuring both timeless masterpieces and modern classics, our portfolio of brands honor the Danish design tradition making quality design available to everyone, enabling it to be passed on through generations.


    Four different Kay Bojesen apes crawling on wood.
    Kay Bojesen white UK logo

    Kay Bojesen

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    Two white Kähler vases, a black and white vase, a red and white vase and a blue and white vase standing on a wood bench.
    Kähler logo white


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      Three Rosendahl glasses with water and a Rosendahl  water carafe with mint water.


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      Holmegaard water carafe, tumbler and wine glasses on a marble plate.


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        Two Lyngby tura vases and a Lyngby tura jug vase.
        Lyngby Porcelæn UK black logo

        Lyngby Porcelæn

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        A Bjørn Wiinblad vase, on a pink table, with colorful flowers.
        Bjørn Wiinblad white logo

        Bjørn Wiinblad

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          An Arne Jacobsen roman clock hanging abov a grey sofa with beige pillows.
          Arne Jacobsen Clocks White Logo

          Arne Jacobsen Clocks

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