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We preserve and develop Danish design icons

A design company with eight independent brands in its portfolio: Kay Bojesen, Kähler, Rosendahl, Holmegaard, Lyngby Porcelæn, Arne Jacobsen Clocks, Bjørn Wiinblad and JUNA. Our mission is to create new, durable designs in the quality that Danish design is known for worldwide – while also profiling and upholding Danish design treasures by rediscovering old classics.
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Kay Bojesen

The Year Bird 2023 is taking flight, and it's all thanks to you

Kay Bojesen handled the design, but you chose the colours. Welcome to the Year Bird 2023 – Jackie, which has been produced in a limited number and engraved with the year – ready to fly onto the shelf and become part of the collection.

Kay Bojesen is known for his highly original stories made of wood, and over the summer of 2022 we asked all Kay Bojesen’s fans to help us write a sequel to his story. We designed two new Songbirds, Jackie and Teddy, each with their own wonderful personality and vibrant colours. Then we put it to the vote to see which one should be added to Kay Bojesen’s collection of Songbirds.

And we all felt the presence of history when the votes were counted, and Jackie flew with victory. With its delicate yellow beak that contrasts beautifully with the reddish head, Jackie is inspired by spring and the pretty flowers that blossom at this time. The pale lavender is one of this year’s major trends, and the play of colours brings out the beautiful and elegant elements in this unique Songbird. The Year Bird 2023 is Jackie.

Jackie is produced in a limited edition and engraved with the year. The Year Bird 2023 is slightly smaller than the classic Songbird, but just as charming. Jackie is made from FSC certified beech wood, which guarantees that the trees used in production are planted, cultivated and felled responsibly. Naturally, the Year Bird 2023 is finished and painted by hand with great precision and skill, just like all Kay Bojesen’s other figurines.

We know from the archives that the Bojesen family’s terrace in Bellavista was filled with flowers, wicker furniture and birds, and we can but wonder if this is what inspired Kay Bojesen to capture his small flying friends in his characteristic round shapes and smiling lines?

All Kay Bojesen’s sweet Songbirds create joy and fly right into the hearts of young and old alike, each with their own charming personality. And the Songbirds are a perfect example of how Kay Bojesen, with the simplest of forms, was able to bring his figurines to life and give them soul. To this day they speak to the imagination and the child in all of us, across ages and generations.
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Rhombe Color

Table settings in colour

The distinctive coloured glaze that characterises Rhombe Color from Lyngby Porcelæn gives the service an artistic edge and a modern expression that invites us to be creative with the table setting and explore the service's numerous possible combinations. 

Created for mixing and matching, the colours can stand alone as an expressive statement, or you can add a fresh touch to your classic white Rhombe service by adding simple colourful elements.
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We preserve and develop Danish design icons so that both present and future products can be part of the brands that have helped create our Danish design culture.
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