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Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.
Red Wine Glass 52 cl 2 pcs.

Peter Svarrer's Cabernet Lines range has been designed to enhance your wine experience. Each glass has been designed to boost the flavours and aromas of the wine in the best way possible. The large surface of the red wine glass releases the bouquet of the wine while the tapered top gathers it again to ensure that you catch all the flavours and aromas of the wine. Cabernet Lines adds an engraved decoration to Holmegaard's famous Cabernet series. The lines follow the glass curvy shape and rotate around the glass as they go upwards, playing with optics while overlapping each other. They create a very elegant and subtle pattern, adding an extra dimension to your wine experience. In the Cabernet Lines series you will find glasses for different types of wines as well as glasses for champagne and water. The red wine glasses are presented in a box of two and are an ideal gift – not least for yourself!

Cabernet Lines

Cabernet Lines is a series of wine glasses from Holmegaard that can't help but become a natural talking point at the table. The series is a further development of the Cabernet collection designed by Peter Svarrer, which with its elegant, feminine and light appearance has become a popular glass series for both everyday use and festive occasions in many homes. With engraved lines that move up and around the glass, the classic Cabernet design takes on a whole new dimension with a playful lightness.

Holmegaard has always created space for both physical and mental reflections, and the elegantly engraved lines in the Cabernet Lines series (based on the original Cabernet series) certainly give cause for extra reflection. Both concrete ones, such as when light is reflected in glass, but also abstract ones, such as when we reflect on wine, food, life and art at the table.

The curved, engraved lines complement the shape of the glass and stop at the widest part of the glass where the wine is naturally poured. The graphic lines also spin slightly as they rise, and the energy in them invites you to swirl the wine in the glass. This movement brings out the nuances of taste and aroma to develop the full potential of the wine – just as designer Peter Svarrer’s wanted of the glasses when he originally designed the Cabernet series. In this way, the lines underpin both the design vision and the function of the glasses, adding an extra dimension to the overall design.

This special edition of the Cabernet series with engravings includes burgundy glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses and water tumblers, allowing you to set a complete table using only the Cabernet Lines series. You can also mix and match the engraved glasses with glasses from the existing Cabernet series, where the subtle variation between the two adds a very personal and sophisticated look to the table setting.

The Cabernet series is a classic from Holmegaard, and in many homes this popular wine series comes out both on an ordinary work day and when entertaining. Light in weight and look, the Cabernet Lines series adds a new dimension to the already elegant and modern series and will elevate the experience of wine, table settings and atmosphere. Cabernet Lines is not only an excellent wine glass that brings out the best in the wine, it is also an extraordinary visual experience.

Holmegaard has always been synonymous with unique glass design and passion for glass craftsmanship, and Cabernet Lines is a fantastic example of this. The decorations are created with curiosity and a desire to challenge methods and possibilities and create glass designs that surprise and impress. All this makes Holmegaard as current and modern today as when the glassworks was founded in 1825.

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Holmegaard is a Danish design icon and one of the most recognised names in the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship. The long and proud tradition of glass production dates back to 1825, when Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe created an artistic and aesthetic design universe at the glassworks.
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