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Reflections in glass

    Provence bowls, Provence, Holmegaard
    The Holmegaard story


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    Sebastian Holmbäck

    Sebastian Holmbäck



    Balancing arches in the home

    The muted dark green and navy, bring a touch of nature inside. A touch that is enhanced by the mouth-blown, transparent glass almost prolonging the visual aesthetic with fresh flowers in the vase or a green plant in the flowerpot – and thus capturing the beauty of nature above and through the glass.

    ARC means arch, and this brand-new series of vases and flowerpots has taken its name from the unique design with its sharp edge in the middle and soft lines from the bottom and top that meet in beautiful balance and create a curved shape.
    Vase H21, ARC, Holmegaard
    Calabas vases and tealight holders, Holmegaard
    Nature’s shapes in glass


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    Archives Provence

    The Provence bowl designed by Per Lütken is one of the great classics from Holmegaard’s archives, and over the years the bowl has been blown in many different colours and sizes. In line with the colourful history of the Provence bowl, Holmegaard has launched Holmegaard Archives Provence, which brings colour to the iconic bowl with new and contemporary tones.
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    Provence bowl in the making, Holmegaard

    Meet Holmegaard’s designers

    Arne Jacobsen

    Arne Jacobsen

    Arne Jacobsen was one of the most influential Danish architects and designers of the 20th century. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, where he was also a professor of architectural art for a long time.
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    Maria Berntsen

    Ann-sofi Romme

    Ann-Sofi Romme has a degree in ceramic design from Kolding School of Design and throughout her career she has created designs in glass, porcelain, and metal, as well as working with jewellery in gold, silver, pearls and gemstones at Nature Rocks and Pureheart.
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    Cecilie Manz

    Cecilie Manz

    Cecilie Manz is a Danish designer who has had her own design company in Copenhagen since 1998. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1997.
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    Jette Frölich

    Jette Frölich

    Known for her beautiful Christmas designs and unique and elegant Scandinavian-style motifs, Jette Frölich began designing paper decorations back in 1966.
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    Bowls, Forma, Holmegaard

    Laura Bilde

    Laura Bilde is a Danish designer based in Copenhagen, where she set up her own studio in 2018. She often works in the intersection between functional and sculptural focus and won the award as the designer of the year at the Danish Design Awards in 2016.
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    Maria Berntsen

    Maria Berntsen

    Maria Berntsen is a Copenhagen-based Danish designer who established Maria Berntsen Design Studio in 1992. Since then, she has worked independently with a wide range of Danish and international clients.
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    Designer duo Meyer-Lavigne


    The Danish design duo Meyer Lavigne consists of Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne. They both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, specialising in ceramics and glass.
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    Designer Michael Bang

    Michael Bang

    Michael Bang was a Danish designer and ceramicist behind some of Holmegaard’s most widespread and successful designs over the years, where many have become collectors’ items.
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    Designer Per Lütken

    Per Lütken

    Per Lütken was a Danish artist and glass craftsman and one of Holmegaard’s most important glass designers. He graduated from the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen in 1938, where he sharpened his natural talent for drawing and had no previously experience of working with glass when he came to Holmegaard at the age of 25.
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    Designer Peter Svarrer

    Peter Svarrer

    Peter Svarrer graduated from the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen in 1981 and has also taught at the Danish School of Design and Kolding School of Arts and Crafts. He has exhibited at numerous Danish and foreign exhibitions and has received several awards and grants.
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    Sebastian Holmbäck

    Sebastian Holmbäck

    Sebastian Holmbäck is a Danish industrial designer who works in a wide variety of fields, including product design, furniture, lighting, exhibition and interior design. He graduated from the Danish School of Design in 1998 and has his own studio, Sebastian Holmbäck.
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    Designer Tom Nybroe

    Tom Nybroe

    Tom Nybroe is a passionate wine connoisseur and has worked with wine for many years as a speaker, organiser of wine tastings and partner in wine importer company World of Wine.
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    Holmegaard is a Danish design icon and one of the most recognised names in the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship. The long and proud tradition of glass production dates back to 1825, when Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe created an artistic and aesthetic design universe at the glassworks.
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    Holmegaard red wine glass, white wine glass, beer glass

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