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How to look after your product

Our products are not the same, and it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the washing symbols and any other symbols for your specific product. This will ensure that your product lasts a long time.



It is important to follow the washing symbols, also known as the washing instructions, as they are our guide on how to treat textiles when it comes to washing, drying, ironing, cleaning and bleaching, so that our garments retain their quality, colour and shape.

Do not wash:
A cross indicates that the garment must not be washed at all.

Hand wash:
A hand on the symbol means that the garment must be hand washed.

General washing:
The figures show how hot you can wash your clothes – 30, 40, 60 or 95 degrees.

If there is one line under the symbol, it means that the garment should be washed in a gentle cycle in the washing machine. A gentle programme uses more water and fewer drum movements.

q Do not wash

w Hand wash

e Normal 30°C

r Normal 40°C

t Normal 60°C

y Normal 95°C

u Delicate 30°C

i Delicate wash 40°C

o Delicate wash 60°C


Line dry:
An arc at the top of a square means that you should drip dry/hang dry. A diagonal line in the corner means that the garments should be left to dry in the shade.

Flat dry:
A horizontal line means that the garments should be dried lying flat. If there is a diagonal line in the corner, dry in the shade. Clothes may be dried over a towel.

Do not tumble dry:
If there is a cross over the circle inside a square, do not tumble dry.

Tumble dry on low heat:
One dot in a circle means that the garment can be dried in a tumble dryer – but at a low temperature, max. 50 degrees.

Tumble dry on medium heat:
Two dots in the circle means that you can dry your clothes at a normal temperature - max. 70 degrees - in a tumble dryer.

Tumble dry on high heat:
Three dots in the circle means that you can dry your clothes at the highest temperature in a tumble dryer.

p Hang drying

a Flat drying

s Do not tumble dry

d Tumble dry on low heat

f Tumble dry on medium heat

g Tumble dry on high heat

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning types:
A circle with a letter is an instruction to the dry cleaner. The letter indicates which liquid the cleaner needs.

Gentle dry clean:
A line below the circle means that the dry cleaner needs to use a gentle cleaner.

Do not dry clean:
A cross over the circle means that the garment must not be cleaned at all.

h Dry cleaning

k Must be gently dry cleaned

j Do not dry clean


Tolerates bleach:
A triangle means that all bleaching agents are allowed.

Do not bleach:
A crossed-out triangle means you should avoid bleaching your clothes altogether. Applies to all coloured items.

l Tolerates bleaching

z Do not bleach


Low heat ironing:
One dot in the iron means that the temperature of the iron should not exceed 110 degrees. Steam ironing may reduce the quality of the garment or in some cases destroy the fabric.

Medium heat ironing:
Two dots mean that ironing up to 150 degrees is perfectly fine.

High heat ironing:
Three dots allow ironing up to 200 degrees.

Do not iron:
A cross over the iron means that ironing and steaming should be avoided.

c Iron at low heat

v Iron on medium heat

b Iron at high heat

x Do not iron


Q Not dishwasher safe

m Dishwasher safe

n Can be washed at max. 55 °C

W Glass max. 55 °C

E Only glass parts can be washed but at max. 55 °C


4 Not oven safe

Y Oven safe

R Not microwave safe

Microwave safe

5 Do not freeze

U Suitable for freezing

6 Not suitable for hot liquids

I Suitable for hot liquids

Product care

D Do not expose to direct unlight

F Does not tolerate water

H Do not polish

G Wipe clean with a dry cloth

8 Wipe with a damp cloth

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