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Marta Shopper 42x33 cm
Marta Shopper 42x33 cm
Marta Shopper 42x33 cm
Marta Shopper 42x33 cm
Marta Shopper 42x33 cm
Marta Shopper 42x33 cm

Grab the soft Bæk&Bølge handle and bring your love of hip patchwork and iconic textile design with you over your shoulder for a day out, to the beach or to work. Stay stylish with a clear conscience wherever you go with this trendy JUNA Marta Shopper. JUNA Marta is a wonderful mix of leftover fabrics taken from the most popular JUNA textiles from previous bedding productions. The choice of both the lining material and the interior filling is also clear proof of JUNA’s responsible design philosophy. The spacious bag measures 42x33x15 cm and is made from circular principles of surplus fabric in 100% organic cotton with 100% recycled polyester filling. It is beautiful, durable and responsibly made – while also being simple and fun. JUNA at its best. The Marta Shopper comes with a discreet JUNA logo placed in the middle of the bag, and as a smart little detail, the shopper has a practical magnetic button at the top of the 42-cm wide opening to help you keep track of all your new purchases. JUNA is about the joy of surrounding yourself with textiles that make life more beautiful, softer, more colourful and more fun. And with Marta Shopper, you get a smart and stylish companion for spring’s big shopping sprees – or your daily groceries.



The Pleasantly range is a series of high quality bed linen in beautiful natural colours, as well as casual wear made from 100% cotton satin, which ensures you a soft and comfortable experience. Inspired by vintage florals from summer dresses, the pretty floral print found on both Pleasantly bed linen and casual wear creates a modern design with retro vibes.

JUNA is all about the joy of surrounding yourself with textiles that make life more beautiful, soft, colourful and fun. That’s why colours and patterns are a big part of JUNA, giving both bed linen and casual wear a cosy and unpretentious feel. There is something familiar about the classic floral patterns, which are interpreted in a modern colour palette across the Pleasantly range. And this combination of nostalgia and innovative elements contributes to creating a unique and cheerful atmosphere to both your interior design and your wardrobe.

Both the pillowcase and duvet cover in the Pleasantly range have a practical zip closure and are available in many sizes. If you have several different bed linen sets from JUNA, you can mix and match the different colours and patterns in different ways, to create your very own bedroom style with room for endless dreams. The Pleasantly duvet cover set is washable at 60 degrees, but JUNA recommends washing it at 40 degrees in the washing machine to maintain its softness and quality for many years to come.

With its unique retro look, Plesantly is created to be a design that will live forever – and to be seen. That’s why you’ll find plenty of Pleasantly items in JUNA Garderobe's wide range of dresses, tops and trousers – and many other stylish accessories such as hats, bags and sleeves made from one of JUNA’s most popular signature fabrics. Everything in the JUNA Garderobe range is light, airy and casual. The kind of clothes you want to wear all day long.

The Sonja dress has a loose fit and a comfortable cut, making it the perfect summer dress. Just like the blouse in the Irene range, which is available in several colours, it has pretty ruffle details at the buttons and feminine pleats for a light and elegant look. The dress is approx. knee length, has inside pockets on the sides and mid-length sleeves. With a drawstring waist and inside pockets on the sides, the Barbara trousers have a casual look that invites you to wear them with both flip-flops and high heels – depending on what your day has to offer.

JUNA’s fabrics are always made of 100% organic cotton, and are both OEKO-TEX® labelled and GOTS certified. This means that you are ensured responsible production with consideration for the environment and people, so that you can feel comfortable with a clear conscience. All JUNA Garderobe items are machine washable up to 40 degrees, which is not only gentle on the environment, but also on the clothes, as they will retain a longer lifespan at lower temperatures.

Pleasantly from JUNA gives you certified quality products for your bedroom and wardrobe, where you can take care of yourself, your loved ones, and our communities through colourful textiles and a focus on responsibility – and dare to dream big and create your own unique style.

The Pleasantly range is a clear testament to how JUNA embraces its playful and creative side, and focuses on lifestyle products that feel alive and are used. With Pleasantly and the rest of the JUNA range, you will always find that good textile craftsmanship is mixed and matched into new and surprising looks across materials and trends.
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A colourful and responsible history

The history of JUNA

JUNA is an idealistic and visionary Danish textile brand with a colourful and responsible history dating back to 1972, when Niels Junager founded a small textile import company in Odense.

JUNA’s product range consists of products for the bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. And right from the very beginning, JUNA incorporated issues such as recycling, ecology and the responsible use of our shared resources as an active part of the brand.
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