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Bowl Ø23 cm
Bowl Ø23 cm
Bowl Ø23 cm
Bowl Ø23 cm
Bowl Ø23 cm
Bowl Ø23 cm
Bowl Ø23 cm

Holmegaard’s Lily series is inspired by the different stages of the water lily’s flowering and has the same light and poetic appearance as the beautiful flower itself. The bowl in Toffee Rose has a diameter of 23 cm and is perfect for an old-fashioned Danish apple cake with toasted oats, whipped cream, apple sauce and redcurrant jelly on top. Or for a fruit salad, green salad or as a fruit bowl. The floral pattern protrudes as a relief in the moulded glass, which is both transparent and tactile. The lines in the design are simple, soft and organic, but in a streamlined and stylish way, creating a fine balance between a romantic and modern look. The bowl is dishwasher safe, so you can use it daily without having to worry about washing it up by hand. The series also includes a smaller bowl, dessert plate and tumbler – all in four different colours. All the pieces in the Lily series are made of tinted glass, so the colour stays beautiful over time.

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Let reflections in glass bloom


When a flower begins to blossom, each new stage contains its own beauty – from the delicate buds to the flower in full bloom. The inspiration for Lily comes from these different stages of the flowering water lily, as each of the series' products reflects.

The glass also adds transparency to the design, which is found in the water lily element – the water – and in the petals, which are so delicate that you can actually see through them. Being able to enjoy the flower reflecting on the surface where you place your Lily piece adds an extra, living element and a natural presence to the design experience.

The water lily is a flower that floats on still water. Calm, attentive and present. There is something dreamy about the water lily, and this sentiment runs clearly through the Lily series, which comes in the colours Blue Iris, Toffee Rose, Cherry Blossom and Clear. These four colours – all with strong name references to nature – bring the beautiful floral pattern in the glass to life and let the tactile pattern play the leading role. You can either go monochrome and stick to one colour or mix and match the various shades. You can also use Lily in combination with your existing tableware, where it will add an exuberant and poetic ambience to your table setting in a style that’s entirely your own.

The lines in the design are simple, soft and organic, but in a streamlined and stylish way, creating a fine balance between a romantic and modern look. You can picture Lily on the table in the summer house or on the terrace, with the summer sun's rays reflected in the contours and pattern of the glass. But Lily is also perfect on an ordinary grey Tuesday, where the dreamy, joyful design will put a smile on your lips and help turn the everyday into something special.

Holmegaard has a long tradition of working with many different techniques. One of these is moulding glass and creating patterns with reliefs and facets. From 1930–1950 Holmegaard released the Nanna series, which was created using the same techniques that can currently be seen on Lily. 'To bloom' means to thrive and develop successfully. And this is certainly the feeling you get when you see how the Lily series illustrates the different stages of a flower’s growth and expression in a colour palette that references light and delicate floral colours. At the same time, the series also embraces historical patterns and techniques.

Beautiful, high-quality glass from Holmegaard is for everyone and designed to be used – also for everyday dining. So Lily glassware is made from tinted glass, which ensures the colour won't scratch off with use. Creating beautiful, high-quality glass has always been part of Holmegaard’s basic philosophy, and there is no doubt that Lily’s elegant design and exuberant colours will elevate table settings in both the everyday and special occasions.
Holmegaard Lily

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Holmegaard is a Danish design icon and one of the most recognised names in the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship. The long and proud tradition of glass production dates back to 1825, when Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe created an artistic and aesthetic design universe at the glassworks.
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