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Leo H30
Leo H30
Leo H30
Leo H30
Leo H30
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Right now you get two egg cups from Kähler's Hammershøi Spring series as a gift when you spend at least 95 €. Worth 34,95 €

The offer is valid until March 26th 2024 or while stocks last. Cannot be combined with other discounts or with Kay Bojesen's Birthday train.


Leo H30

Leo H30

White #693504
Height 30 cm Width 8 cm Depth 8 cm
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Malene Bjelke
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Aquarius, Astro, Kähler


ORIGINALITY. Extrovert, original, and enthusiastic. People with the sign of Aquarius are often deeply focused on their beliefs and ideas. They are hungry for knowledge to better establish their firm perception on how the universe and society operate around them. Aquarians are especially social and like to present themselves as unique, eccentric, and inventive – different from the crowd.
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Pisces, Astro, Kähler


INTUITION. Dreamy, imaginative, and instinctive. People with the sign of Pisces tend to have an innate connection to the mystical and spiritual world, often drawn to deeply romantic, creative, or transformative experiences. They are especially compassionate and sensitive, often putting the needs of others before themselves. Pisces are excellent friends, enjoying a vivid social life filled with many unique people.
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Aries, Astro, Kähler


FOCUS. Engaged, determined and courageous. People with the sign of Aries are often daring and adventurous – unafraid to strike out into unknown territory where others would be unable to go. They tend to be ambitious, active, and honest, eager to open themselves up to every one of life’s possibilities. Aries are independent and enjoy sharing their fiery personalities with the world.
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Taurus, Astro, Kähler


STRUCTURE. Loyal, persistent, and patient. People with the sign of Taurus value security and stability above all. They are often especially hard-working, warm, and gentle and extremely dependable people. They enjoy the finer things in life and are attracted to the full exploration of the senses. Tauruses tend to be drawn to beauty and pleasure and invest themselves entirely in what they believe in.
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Gemini, Astro, Kähler


COMMUNICATION. Quick-witted, expressive, and inquisitive. People with the sign of Gemini are curious and often take a highly intellectual view of the world, ready to learn about everything and everyone. As master communicators, they are gifted at being flexible and versatile in connecting with others. Geminis have a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see.
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Cancer, Astro, Kähler


HARMONY. Caring, thoughtful, and innovative. People with the sign of Cancer often put their hearts fully into anything they believe in. However, represented by the crab, they have a hard shell to crack before you can get to their softest side. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of their family and home valuing domesticity and attached to people they keep close.
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Leo, Astro, Kähler


STRENGTH. Optimistic, dynamic, and energetic. People with the sign of Leo love to live life to the fullest. They tend to have an innate confidence and radiance that gives them the ability to easily assert themselves and stand out from the crowd. Leos are extremely loyal, romantic, and artistic and with very big hearts, they can also be quite generous to those who they deem worthy of their affections.
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Virgo, Astro, Kähler


PERFECTION. Loyal, analytical, and thinking. People with the sign of Virgo are often immensely talented at assessing the details of any situation and finding solutions to problem-solve them. They are perfectionists and natural-born organizers and value consistency, loyalty, and productivity. Virgos are also kind, grounded and trustworthy people – happy to help anyone they love who needs it.
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Libra, Astro, Kähler


BALANCE. Righteous, harmonious, and tolerant. People with the sign of Libra value peace and balance above all. They often strive for fairness in life and in their relationships and have a natural tendency to surround themselves with beauty and luxury. Gifted in communication, Libras are excellent negotiators and tend to process their feelings intellectually but are also deeply sensitive people.
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Scorpio, Astro, Kähler


PASSION. Strong-minded, impassioned, and organised. People with the sign of Scorpio often have a natural ability to enchant others, utilizing their powerful minds and auras to dominate situations and relationships. Deeply emotional, they can brood in the extremes of their feelings. Scorpios are also resourceful, dedicated, and fearless when there is a challenge to be overcome.
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Sagittarius, Astro, Kähler


IDEALIST. Generous, honest, and idealistic. People with the sign of Sagittarian crave expansion and exploration above all, refusing to be caged and hunger for everything that life has to offer them. Their open mind and philosophical view motivate them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarians were born to be free, and this cheerful energy often brings them a natural form of luck.
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Capricorn, Astro, Kähler


WILLPOWER. Persistent, focused, and engaged. People with the sign of Capricorn desire to build a life that has a solid foundation and being masters of self-control, they often lead the way, make coherent and realistic plans, and manage many people to work for them at any time. Capricorns possess an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in their personal and professional lives.
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Figures, Astro, Kähler

Contemporary zodiac signs


With the new Astro sculptures from Kähler, Danish sculptor Malene Bjelke has been inspired by Kähler’s long-standing history in designing figures and created 12 different zodiac sculptures that beautifully bring the design heritage from Kähler’s historic workshop into our modern times with a spiritual focus.

All zodiac figures are made from white, unlacquered stoneware. And each Astro sculpture is created based on the values associated with the 12 different zodiac signs and are all designed with a sketched look.
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Kähler logo ceramic

The Kähler story

A unique design adventure that began in 1839

The story of Kähler begins as early as 1839, when the Dutch potter Herman J. Kähler opens a small ceramics workshop in Næstved and turns the first Kähler vase. It marks the start of a unique design adventure that will one day resonate around the world. However, it is only when his son Herman A. Kähler takes over the famous workshop in 1875 that the ceramic adventure really begins.
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