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Grinder H18
Spices and gastronomic experiences go hand-in-hand, and with the classic Hammershøi salt and pepper grinders, you can lay a beautiful table while keeping an elegant set of grinders for everyday use in your kitchen at the same time. This elegant, new indigo colour adds a timeless, exclusive touch to the tableware. Hammershøi salt and pepper grinders are available in two sizes and can be combined in three beautiful colours so that you can easily distinguish between salt, pepper and other spices. The unique ceramic grinding mechanism is from CrushGrind, which is known for high quality and the easy grinding level setting so your spices are ground to your specifications.
Grinder H18

Grinder H18

Indigo #693058
Porcelain, oiled oak
Height 18 cm Diameter 6.50 cm
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Hans-Christian Bauer
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Hammershøi from Kähler is a stylish and elegant series inspired by one of the most talented and famous designers in Kähler’s history: Svend Hammershøi. He joined Kähler in 1893 and became known for his designs with strong contours and distinct grooves. These grooves were the inspiration of designer Hans-Christian Bauer when he created the Hammershøi series in 2015 as a tribute to the great Kähler champion.

Svend Hammershøi became a world-renowned artist during his life, exhibiting in museums all over the world, but when he started at Kähler, he was very interested in learning the art of shaping himself, which is why he initially sat a lot at the turntable. He particularly enjoyed turning the large pots and vases by hand to give them the right look.

The Hammershøi series has gained iconic status and is today a modern classic that appeals to a wide range of design-interested people. The clean, minimalist lines and comfortable, round shapes give Kähler Hammershøi a timeless elegance in line with the Scandinavian design tradition and Svend Hammershøi’s design visions. The series includes plates in all sizes, mugs, jugs, dishes, vases and much more. All created with the hands of Kähler’s tradition, making the design look nice, diverse, welcoming and authentic.

Hans-Christian Bauer is known for uniting the warmth and uniqueness of ceramics with a rational and modern idiom. This is precisely what is expressed in the Hammershøi series, where the interplay between the iconic grooves and the new silhouettes, functionality and colour choices has been considered in every detail, so that the design reflects Svend Hammershøi’s creativity and original works in the best possible way.

To contrast the classic lines, Hans-Christian Bauer has also worked with different glazes that make the material stand out and which create a very special depth as they run over the distinctive grooves. A very special feature of the Hammershøi series is that it also includes the Easter, Christmas and Poppy collections. These are complete series that can be set up for special occasions, but different pieces can also be combined with the classic, white Hammershøi service, which you may already own, so the table setting can easily be spiced up depending on the season and occasion.

With the newer coloured addition to the Hammershøi service, it's easy to create an immediate and eye-catching renewal of the service you already have at home. A new thing in a new colour will instantly elevate the table setting and create a different and fresh look. It’s an easy way to create an artistic and personal style that can vary according to mood, occasion and season. The colours in Kähler Hammershøi also complement the series’ classic and timeless design and highlight the iconic grooves beautifully. Here the harmonious and balanced accent colours create notes of warmth and depth when combined the other different colours, shapes and materials in the Hammershøi series.

The many different colours adorn everything from vases in several sizes, the thermal jugs, bowls, the salt and pepper mills to the oval serving dishes. The colours have also been selected to match existing Kähler series, namely Hammershøi Poppy, Hammershøi Spring and Hammershøi Christmas. Having the same shades on different parts of the table creates a beautiful cohesion in the table setting – in some places in the full colour and in others as part of a motif.

Innovation and authenticity have always been key words at Kähler and both of these come together in the Hammershøi vases. The vases not only honour and reference Kähler’s design history, they also look ahead to innovation and renewal. Kähler’s iconic Hammershøi series includes both the well-known and classic Hammershøi vase in faience and the newer version in mouth-blown glass. You will instantly recognise the iconic grooves, while the transparency of the glass in the glass vase provides a completely new experience of the design compared with the Hammershøi vases in faience. Suddenly, the grooves take on a new dimension and a new sense of space, and the transparency creates a lightness and grace – even though the vases still have a good solid weight and stability on the table.

And it’s not just the material that is different. In terms of shape, the design of the glass vase is very close to the Hammershøi vases, but the trained eye will notice that there are small variations in the lines, which give the glass vase its own unique personality. The look is still soft and elegant, but the angle towards the bottom is slightly sharper. The Hammershøi vases are a simple and timeless design, perfect for all kinds of flowers, decorative branches or nothing at all.

The vases are an elegant addition to the other parts of the Hammershøi series. For example, they work well as part of the table setting in combination with the ceramic tableware, where they will add a new and fresh lightness to the overall look. Or in combination with candlesticks and bowls from the series – beautifully arranged on the coffee table, on the window sill or on the dresser. Common to all products across Hammershøi ranges is that they are created by hand and have the authenticity and quality that characterises Kähler’s diverse cultural heritage and many years of proud handmade traditions.

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