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Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm
Vase H20 cm

Inspired by nature, Signature is a vase that surprises with its graphic interpretation of flowers and seed stands and with its perforated ceramic plate placed in the vase’s neck. The large Signature vase measures 20 cm in height and is decorated with wide blue stripes that change colour from the round part of the vase to the top part. And it gives the vase an even more beautiful interplay of colours and adds extra vibrancy and movement, as the stripes not only stop at the top, but continue inside the vase. Not only does this technique look beautiful, but it also adds a whole new dimension to the design when the shape is accentuated from the inside as well as the outside. The vase was created by the design duo Meyer-Lavigne and made from stoneware – and as per Kähler’s craftsmanship tradition, the vase is of course hand-painted. The deliberately exaggerated shape gives the vase a casual vibe and spreads life in the home, while the Signature vase itself has a truly unique and vibrant look with a certain authenticity to it.

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Inspired by nature, MeyerLavigne has created two vases for Kähler, each one designed with the duo’s signature playful look - hence the name Signature.

The shape is based on the Silverbush flower, which elegantly opens like a funnel. The flower also has a fine distinctive stripe along the centre of its petals, which has found its way into Signature where it has been poetically interpreted to give the vase its unique shape.

Signature is a vase that surprises and comes with a ceramic plate filled with holes, which can be placed in vase’s neck. The plate is inspired by the lotus plant’s seed head and allows you to arrange your flowers exactly as you want them. You can of course also use the vase in the traditional way without the plate for a normal bound bouquet. 

One vase is 20 cm high and decorated with moss green stripes on the round part of the vase, which transform into wider stripes with black dots on the top part. Like stamens, the stripes reach upwards and give the vase life and movement. The 15-cm vase is hand-painted with stripes that start wide on the round part of the vase and become thin and fine on the funnel-shaped part. Here the stripes have various muted colours in shades that complement each other beautifully.

Typical of MeyerLavigne’s fun and playful style, the stripes don't stop at the top of the vase, but continue down inside it. Having the shape accentuated both from the inside and the outside adds a whole new dimension to the design, and the effect is stunning.

Both vases are made of stoneware, and as Kähler’s craft tradition prescribes, they are hand-painted and have that look of vibrancy and authenticity that MeyerLavigne likes to bring out.

The graphic interpretation of flowers and seed heads makes the Signature vases unique and vibrant, and with their deliberately exaggerated shape, they have a relaxed look that adds life to the home. Decorating with flowers should be fun and unpretentious, and these vases encourage you to become more playful and creative with your flower arrangements.

The Danish design duo MeyerLavigne is Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne, both graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, specialising in ceramics and glass. The duo works with a wide range of materials, such as ceramics, textiles, wood and prints. This is the first time they are designing for Kähler, which, just like MeyerLavigne, is known for its artistic, expressive and surprising designs.

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