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Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
Reworked Monkey mini
The beauty and variety of the wood is the main feature of the Reworked Monkey mini. It is composed of a lovely mix of different types of wood – including teak, walnut, oak, ash and maple – all of which are surplus and residual wood that otherwise would have gone to waste. This lends the Reworked Monkey a particularly responsible dimension, so that it not only looks back in time – it also looks forward. Its responsible roots means the Reworked Monkey is both a celebration and a standpoint, reflecting a principle of responsibility in craftsmanship and design. The manufacturing process quite simply uses available residual wood. That means that every single Reworked Monkey looks different, depending on which woods are left over on the day they are made.

Kay Bojesen


The Kay Bojesen monkey is a high-quality piece of craftsmanship that accompanies us from child to adult at every stage of our lives, and is also an incredibly popular gift for those you love. And with this cute figure, you don't just get classic Danish design from 1951.

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When the Kay Bojesen brand was founded back in 1932, it marked the start of a story about a craftsman with a great sense of humour and plenty of curiosity. Kay Bojesen created his animals and figures based on the philosophy that good design should be accessible to everyone, and over time Kay Bojesen has become synonymous with original Danish design.
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