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Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini
Monkey mini

A colourful original in a design that is both nostalgic and innovative. Kay Bojesen’s iconic Monkey is a well-known and much-loved figurine that brings a smile to people of all ages. And the mini Monkey in beech wood painted in original colours from the archives is only going to make that smile bigger. The bright mini version is inspired by colours from an original wallpaper designed by Kay Bojesen in the late 1940s for the children’s room. And you get a clear sense of originality and retro vibes in these dusty shades, which beautifully accentuate the cool tone of the beech wood. The Monkey in vintage blue measures 9.5 cm in height and is made of FSC® certified beech wood, which adorns the hands and feet, face and tummy and gives the new mini Monkey a cheerful and youthful air. The painted mini Monkeys sparkle with joy and ingenuity. With beauty and confidence, they bring Kay Bojesen’s original stories made of wood into a new context. Yet the Monkeys remain iconic thanks to the classic colours from Kay Bojesen’s original designs. As such, the mini Monkey makes the ideal fun accessory in a modern decor, where its quirky and colourful exterior will bring both style and a smile wherever you put it. A must-have for the design lover who has everything. Or for all those of us who can't get enough of Kay Bojesen’s Monkeys and their cosy company.

Kay Bojesen


The Kay Bojesen monkey is a high-quality piece of craftsmanship that accompanies us from child to adult at every stage of our lives, and is also an incredibly popular gift for those you love. And with this cute figure, you don't just get classic Danish design from 1951.

You also get a unique Monkey from Kay Bojesen. No two of them are alike. And when the popular figure is allowed to hang out – as it does in many homes – the different nuances in the wood change and give the already unique Kay Bojesen Monkey even more personality. Over time, the affects of light and air will change any colour nuances in the wood to a more uniform, warm golden brown tone.

The monkey is available in small, medium and large versions. Common to them all is that they are original wood creations. Kay Bojesen always gave his wooden figures a special soul. Each one also got its own story, and with their smiling lines, unique shapes and vibrant wood they have survived many generations. According to Kay Bojesen, wood only comes to life when it has a story.

The monkey is also available in a Reworked anniversary edition, which is a special edition of the iconic Monkey made form residual wood. The anniversary monkey is both a celebration and a standpoint. In 2021 in marked the 70th anniversary of Kay Bojesen cutting the first smiling lines into the classic Monkey. And a standpoint because the Anniversary Monkey was born out of a principle of responsibility in craftsmanship and design.

As the new family member is made from residual wood, there may be variations in wood types, such as teak, walnut, oak, ash, maple, limba and mahogany. We cannot guarantee which woods each of the Anniversary Monkeys are produced from. This depends on the availability of residual wood. But we can guarantee that each Anniversary Monkey will be even more unique than the original classic if possible.

The process of processing the Anniversary Monkey is considerably more demanding than the well-known Monkey in teak and limba, which is turned out of one piece of wood and, like its original siblings in the monkey family, is produced in a high quality and with great craftsmanship. Many pieces of wood need to be adapted and put together, and this places high demands on both the craftsmanship and the quality of the wood.

The reworked Monkey is based on the principle of upcycling, and the ambition is to use the resources that would otherwise have been wasted. In this way, the Reworked Monkey gives new life to wood and can be displayed - or hung - as a responsible ambassador for a new and modern interpretation of the original wooden stories of which Kay Bojesen was a true master. The result is a Monkey that, through craftsmanship and design, unites heritage, wood types and shades – a true collector’s item with its own unique expression and story. The special edition has a 70th anniversary stamp on the paw and comes in a limited edition in a special wooden anniversary box.

The famous Kay Bojesen Monkey was actually created when Kay Bojesen wanted to make a hook for his children, but instead he ended up making a world-famous Danish design icon. Since then, the monkey has come in several different sizes and versions, and the many much-loved members of the monkey herd continue to find their way onto countless wish lists and gift tables around the world.

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