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Pandabear small
Pandabear small
Pandabear small
Pandabear small

This dear little, wooden Panda Bear is from Kay Bojesen. The Panda Bear is a timeless wooden figurine that cannot help but raise a smile. The panda figurine was inspired by the two pandas who moved into Copenhagen Zoo in April 2019. It has the same appealing shape as the sweet Medium Panda from Kay Bojesen. Mix the figurines together and they will look perfect in any modern designer home.

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Kay Bojesen

Wooden animals

The Kay Bojesen Wooden Animals range consists of a beautiful and imaginative bunch of animals from tree monkeys to songbirds – all beloved design classics that quickly become part of the family and fit into any home. Kay Bojesen worked based on the philosophy that wood only comes to life when it gets a story – a philosophy that was consistent with all his figures. The combination of this concept and Kay Bojesen’s unique talent turned his magical world of Wooden Figures and Animals into beloved classics and design icons that will last for decades to come.

Kay Bojesen is one of the big Danish designers. He was able to turn wood into original stories like no other. He had a knack for bringing the wood to life. Or as he put it: “Making the line smile”. And the lines certainly smile in each of the Wooden Animals – which have all become iconic.

In addition to the ubiquitous Monkey, which has become the most popular of the Wooden Animals, the series includes both the exotic Elephants, Zebras, Hippos, Pandas and Bears, and also animals that we are more likely to come across such as Seagulls, Horses, Rabbits and Dogs.

Common to all Kay Bojesen's Wooden Animals is their wonderful expression. Kay Bojesen originally created his wooden figures and wooden animals as toys for children. The design had to be simple and solid, while also inspiring children to play – and the cute animals also had to make them smile. Today, the fine details and soft shapes are a distinctive feature that is repeated in all of the series’ Wooden Animals.

It is therefore also intentional that the animals are not necessarily particularly sophisticated or dominated by rich details. Instead their soft and organic shapes are designed based on the child’s own world. Playful lines without thinking about recreating real life animals, but imaginative variations that are quickly loved by any child and which fit into any home.

Kay Bojesen had a unique talent for giving his figures a soft and human expression – always with a twinkle in their eye. The smiling lines, vibrant wood and original story appeal to the child in all of us. And it's this philosophy and unique design combined with a high quality and exceptional craftsmanship that explains why his vibrant wooden figures are more popular than ever. They remain special gifts for memorable occasions, treasured and coveted collector’s items and unique design icons throughout the home.

The majority of the wooden animals are turned in FSC®-certified oak or beech, and the manual production with painting and printing is carried out with the great precision and care that characterises the wooden animals from Kay Bojesen. The shape is based on the original figures from Kay Bojesen’s archive, which are simple and minimalist but full of life and soul and emitting that sense of magic and adventure that was so part of Kay Bojesen’s spirit and his flair for storytelling

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Kay Bojesen story

When the Kay Bojesen brand was founded back in 1932, it marked the start of a story about a craftsman with a great sense of humour and plenty of curiosity. Kay Bojesen created his animals and figures based on the philosophy that good design should be accessible to everyone, and over time Kay Bojesen has become synonymous with original Danish design.
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