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Thermos jug 1,0 l
Thermos jug 1,0 l
Thermos jug 1,0 l
Thermos jug 1,0 l
With this thermos jug in red plastic you get a decorative test winner which also retains heat exceptionally well. The push-button lid lets only a small amount of heat out during serving, while the double-walled glass liner increases insulation. Available in black, white, steel and pink.


Grand Cru

Rosendahl is Danish design that can withstand daily use. That’s the case with all Rosendahl designs. And if there is one range that truly frames that mantra throughout the collection, it is the classic Grand Cru range.

One of Rosendahl’s great classics, the Grand Cru series has become part of many homes over the years, and people use it every day – in other words, it is extremely popular.

The simple and functional design with the four iconic grooves puts the focus on food, is a simple service to collect for the kitchen and to keep for life, and is easy to combine with other products. Even though this understated series tries not to steal the show, it's hard not to notice it with its distinctive grooves that are repeated on all of the series’ products.

This is how it is today. And that’s how it has been across the series' products ever since Rosendahl introduced the Grand Cru water glass and carafe back in 2000, setting a standard in glass design that could withstand both busy everyday use and festive occasions. 

Since then, the Grand Cru has grown into a wide range of products in a timeless design And functionality has always been its core. The products are a true testament to Danish quality design, and with good reason. The Grand Cru series is timeless design that lasts.

Be inspired by the timeless Rosendahl design for your own home decor ideas. You may already be familiar with the carafe, which is a classic product worldwide due to its simple design in glass with steel bands. Along with the beautiful carafe, the series includes a wide range of glasses and tableware. The glasses from Grand Cru are very popular because of their simple design, perfect size and good grip. The glasses are also sturdy and easy to stack in the cupboard, and can also be used for serving smaller starters, desserts and salads.

Since the Grand Cru water glass and the carafe came on the market more than 20 years ago, the series has gained a firm place in many homes with its functional, high-quality design. And this applies to much more than just glasses and carafes. Ovenproof dishes are also indispensable in a busy working day, where it’s nice to be able to let the oven do most of the cooking while you do something else yourself. A good selection of faithful kitchen helpers are the ovenproof dishes from the Grand Cru. Available in both clear glass and dark-glazed porcelain, they are not only durable and easy to clean, but they also present food beautifully and look great on the table.

The dark-glazed porcelain pieces consist of a pie dish and classic ovenproof dishes in three sizes, which have the same dimensions as the classic ovenproof dishes in glass, but the porcelain version has a slightly higher edge, so that the contents of the dishes are well-organised. Furthermore, the dark-glazed, ovenproof dishes have been angled along the bottom edge, which makes it easier to get a hold of them under the dishes. And they’re designed to fit together when not in use, so they take up as little space as possible in the kitchen cabinet.

Of course, as part of the Grand Cru series, all the ovenproof dishes have the iconic four Grand Cru grooves that give the dark-glazed surface an elegant expression. It’s stylish design that lasts and withstands both daily use and changing home decor trends.

The Grand Cru series also includes Rosendahl’s award-winning thermos jug in a wide range of stylish colours. The practical push button is designed to keep the jug warm for longer, as you do not need to unscrew the lid when pouring – and thus avoid letting cold air in. The perfect gift idea with a bag of good coffee beans.

You’ll also find a wide range of Grand Cru classics in the home bar. These have become popular in many homes, where they serves as a decorative element in the interior design and as a part of everyday life. With the right quality equipment, it’s a pleasure to go to the home bar, and it doesn't matter if is also decorative when not in use.

The bar and wine range from the Grand Cru Bar is a design that lasts. And it contains all the equipment you need to give your home bar a boost - both functionally and aesthetically. The different stainless steel pieces with their iconic Grand Cru design lines are also visually appealing and add style and ambience to the bar table.

The range includes an elegant cocktail shaker with built-in strainer, measuring cup and a double-walled ice bucket. And of course you can complete the home bar collection with a corkscrew and bottle opener in the same stylish Grand Cru design, which has been thought through down to the last detail. The corkscrew has a distinctive and sculptural look with clear references to Rosendahl’s design DNA, which is known for its clean lines and geometric shapes. It is made of solid metal and plastic covered with soft touch rubber, which allows you to grip the corkscrew and wine bottle firmly.

With its geometric shape, the bottle opener is inspired by the wine cork, the first Grand Cru product to appear. Just like the corkscrew, the bottle opener is covered in soft rubber, which provides a good grip and creates an elegant contrast to the polished steel. Both the corkscrew and the bottle opener are ideal gifts for those who appreciate good design – as well as nice wine, beer or hand-brewed soft drinks.

Sustainability is top of the agenda – locally, globally and of course also at Rosendahl. And as part of a goal to focus on the environment and reduce the C02 footprint, a selection of Rosendahl products is being launched in a CO2-reduced version made from recycled glass. A big part of Rosendahl’s DNA is not only to create timeless classics, but also to renew them so that they keep up with the zeitgeist and the world we live in.

Initially, this applies to the water glasses and bowls of the iconic Grand Cru range. The overall graphic design lines, the four grooves and the functionality are exactly as we know them. The big difference is that Grand Cru Recycled is made from recycled glass of the highest quality that can be placed on the table with a clear conscience.

Rosendahl is and will continue to be a brand in constant motion. And at a time when we surround ourselves with colours in new and exciting ways, the Grand Cru range has also entered a new era. The white tableware with its iconic grooves has therefore been joined by selected pieces in ash grey, blush and mint, which bring new life to the classic Grand Cru tableware and give the table setting a fresh and modern touch. These are three muted colours that blend in with most homes and create a sense of style and cosiness when set on the table. The colours are designed to complement each other and can also be combined with the classic white Grand Cru service or other tableware.

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