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Place mat 50x35 cm 2 pcs.
Place mat 50x35 cm 2 pcs.
Place mat 50x35 cm 2 pcs.
Place mat 50x35 cm 2 pcs.

Here you get a delicious set of 2. placemats from the Rå series, a collaboration between the design company Rosendahl Jesper Vollmer and Anette Heick. The latter two together run a combined restaurant and farm shop on Bornholm, and with Rosendahl at the helm, they have now created a unique design series of kitchen textiles in 100% cotton with many beautiful details. The placemats in dark gray measure 50 x 35 cm and can be machine washed at 40°C.


The RÅ series from Rosendahl is about good utensils in high-quality materials with a focus on good grip and a good user experience. But Rosendahl RÅ actually contains much more than the natural materials and functional design of the kitchen and tableware. Because we need to go a little further back in the process. Yes, all the way back to the beginning.

The unique thing about RÅ is the thought that has gone into the products. They were created together with chef Jesper Vollmer. His experience as a professional chef has been turned into ladles, formed into tweezer tongs and bent into whisks. Jesper Vollmer’s many years of braising, turning and tasting have reulted in a series of products with a perfectly balanced weight for your table and kitchen.

There are people who can create magic on a plate and sensory experiences in a bowl. That’s why we went straight to the professional chef to create Rosendahl RÅ. Because your kitchen deserves the very best utensils when you want to get busy with your pots and pans. Jesper Vollmer lives and breathes cooking, and this is reflected in the Rosendahl RÅ series, which comprises most of the kitchen’s key utensils in a simple, Nordic design and in robust and practical heat-treated ash wood.

The series includes a stirrer that can also be used for serving, tweezer tongs that grip the food perfectly with optimum balance and bounce, the whisk with a whole seven loops for increased efficiency or the palette that is ideal for making scrambled eggs or searing larger pieces of meat and vegetables. They all fit perfectly into the spacious tool jar in the rustic ceramic with its cast-iron look, which exudes the series' industrial aesthetic and functionality.  

The same look has been applied to the chopping board, which is easy to stack and turn, the pepper mill with its excellent grip, and the spice tray, where you season without sprinkling. These are designs that have been made to last. And as chef Jesper Vollmer has designed these utensils together with Rosendahl, you know that even the smallest details have been incorporated into the collection. The RÅ series is the very essence of detail. The kitchen utensils in thermo ash are easy to clean by hand and their intense, dark colour looks great in your kitchen.

With Rosendahl RÅ, you get the perfect utensils created by a professional chef who cuts right to the essentials – both when he cooks and designs: A few good ingredients and the right tool for the job. A mantra that is easy to understand. This means that the use dictates the shape and design of all RÅ products, whether you're looking for utensils for the art of cooking or for the table’s rustic and aesthetic look.

And if you need some gift ideas for quality-conscious foodies, choose RÅ – the recipient will love the professional chef element and the long-lasting functional design. All materials for the RÅ series have been carefully selected for their purpose and also for their beautiful aesthetic in the kitchen. No material is random – whether it’s cotton and leather or wood and ceramics. It’s all about putting together the right materials for the utensil and the Nordic kitchen, so that we get just a little bit better at making weekday dishes, while also being proud of what we serve our family and guests.
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Rosendahl was founded in 1984 by visionary Erik Rosendahl, who believed that quality design should be available to the masses. His vision and ambition culminated in what is today one of Denmark’s best-known design houses. Rosendahl's design philosophy is to make every day beautiful with products that are designed to celebrate both life’s big special occasions and everyday magical moments.
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