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Angel on seesaw H6.5
Angel on seesaw H6.5
Angel on seesaw H6.5
Angel on seesaw H6.5
Angel on seesaw H6.5
Angel on seesaw H6.5
Classic Christmas decorations with an artistic edge. Rosendahl’s Karen Blixen Christmas series is for many the epitome of the cosy and traditional Christmas– steeped in history and Christmas symbolism that keeps on spreading Christmas cheer all the way to Christmas Day. Ole Kortzau made his first Karen Blixen Christmas decorations back in 2007. And every year, new hanging decorations are added to the collection, made in the same special handmade quality and with such care and attention to detail that each decoration looks like a small work of art in itself, plated in real silver and gold. The 2023 collection includes this gold-plated motif with an angel and Christmas elf on a seesaw. Because of course in Ole Kortzau's both loving and creative hands, elves and angels play together. They’re kids after all! Like the other small hanging decorations in the series, they are approx. 7 cm high and work perfectly as window decorations. The motifs in Karen Blixen’s Christmas are often a declaration of love for a child's view of Christmas. But even though Ole Kortzau’s Christmas stories are based on reality, they're not actually real. That’s why the motifs are always a little puffed up. They're always a little quirky, a little curious. Ole Kortzau wants us to stop, take a break – and discover all the classical characters in a different way.
Angel on seesaw H6.5
Angel on seesaw H6.5

Angel on seesaw H6.5

Gold Plated #32581
Zinc alloy
Height 6.50 cm Width 7.50 cm Depth 0.50 cm
Product care
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Ole Kortzau
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