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LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm

Light helps create atmosphere in a home. Our Soft Spot LED lamps provide a pleasant cosy light and can be used on a table in the living room, in a children's bedroom, in the hallway or wherever you fancy cosy, subdued lighting. The LED lamp has a gently flickering gleam and is intended as an alternative to candles. The table lamp comes in three dusty colours - off white, amber and smoke - and in two sizes. The LED lamp in the photo is large, amber and measures 11 cm. Specifications - Different light intensities - Automatic timer that turns off the light after 6 hours - Illuminates for 15-18 hours at max. intensity on one charge - Charges with USB - Charging time 1 hour

LED Ø11 cm
LED Ø11 cm

LED Ø11 cm

Amber #26221
Hand pressed painted glass, Plastic
Height 7 cm Diameter 11 cm
Product care
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Soft Spot
Maria Berntsen
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Soft spot

The Rosendahl Soft Spot lantern is designed to bring a special glow to your outdoor moments. The long summer evenings that continue until long after sunset. Reunite with old friends in the garden or enjoy a cosy dinner on the patio, eating, toasting and snuggling into the night. That’s how life should be, full of those moments that we want to last forever. The same goes for Rosendahl’s design.

With the Soft Spot series from Rosendahl, you get lamps that are in a category of their own. This is due to their soft, organic shapes that mimic pebbles found on the beach. The ones that have been sanded smooth from the water and time. Those you want to touch when you see them. However, it is not only the shape of the design that is soft and organic, but also the light itself.

We love the cosiness and intimacy of candlelight, and that’s the mood elegantly captured by the Soft Spot LED lamp. Here, the flame’s flickering glow is transformed into a portable, cordless lighting design that is easily lifted and moved from the living room to the kitchen to the terrace. The lantern comes in three different sizes and four different colours, and whether you choose the large, medium or small model, the lamp can burn continuously for 15–18 hours. You can also adjust the brightness depending on the mood you're after.

Soft Spot Solar is a contemporary lantern that mimics the atmospheric glow of candlelight. We created the lamp by encapsulating the characteristic off-white ball lamp in an oxidised frame, giving you a beautiful and functional design that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The lantern also has solar cells so that it can recharge during the day – and a twilight sensor so that it automatically switches on when darkness creeps in.

Rosendahl Soft Spot is designed to let you take the light with you. The lanterns are portable and easy to carry with you wherever you are. Enjoy their lovely light in the garden, on a picnic, in a tent, on the boat or wherever you want to create a little extra ambience and cosiness. With the Soft Spot LED lamps, you can spread cosiness in all the rooms of the house. Soft Spots are designed to pulsate very gently, in the same way as candles. This gives the lamps a vibrant, organic and soft appearance that immediately spreads cosiness.
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