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Set the table with tastes of summer


What’s better than the taste of summer?
Chirping birds, sun-ripened berries and butterflies that flutter from flower to flower. We've distilled the essence of this summer mood in the new series Hammershøi Summer, which is being launched with two mugs and two bowls. Use them to create a joyful and cosy summer atmosphere when you set the table for coffee and cakes in the garden, on the terrace, balcony or at the summer house.

One of the mugs features red, blue and green tones, decorated with strawberries, blueberries and the peacock butterfly as it flies playfully and poetically through the summer. This theme also includes a bowl – perfect for serving berries, cookies or other tasty treats to your summer guests. The second mug is kept in light blue hues and decorated with the pretty forget-me-not, a symbol of love and friendship, together with a sweet blue tit flying in and out between the flowers. This design also includes a bowl for you to match the cups with – or mix both themes to encompass the full summer palette.

The motifs are painted on the familiar mug and small bowl from the Hammershøi tableware series, and the discreet grooves give both pieces an elegant and classic expression. You can make your table setting even more stylish by combining the summer berry theme with different dark green pieces in the Hammershøi series, such as vases, the thermos jug, glasses and bowls, which will complement the green colours in the decorations beautifully and get the red tones to stand out even more. The forget-me-not theme can be combined with the new grey thermos jug in the Hammershøi series.

In fact when you look at Hammershøi Summer, you can almost feel the sun’s rays and the warm summer breeze on your skin. Rikke Jacobsen, the artist behind the watercolour decorations, was inspired by the magical shapes, colours and moods of the blossoming summer. Many of you may recognise her signature lines from Kähler's Hammershøi Christmas, Hammershøi Spring and Hammershøi Poppy series, which she also decorated. With the most beautiful watercolours, she creates detailed motifs where flora and fauna play a central role. Always vibrant, dynamic and evocative.
Hammershøi Summer
Kähler Hammershøi Summer


    Since its foundation in 1839, Kähler has been known for its classic handmade ceramics, a tradition that continues today when design history and contemporary design come together in Kähler’s many series. This is where you’ll find elegant vases, dinner services for spring and Christmas, tableware that you can use all year round, beautiful figures and cosy tealight houses.
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    Hammershøi Spring

    Hammershøi Spring is a simple and stylish spring series from Kähler, where the classic grooves from the Hammershøi series meet motifs by the artist Rikke Jacobsen. Easter is spring's atmospheric occasion and, through Hammershøi Spring, Kähler gives Easter and spring the attention it deserves. The classic, grooved Hammershøi tableware has been adorned with pretty motifs, such as daffodils, eggs, rabbits, and a branch with delicate, fresh leaves, which testify that spring is on its way.

    The colours and motifs create a very special look in conjunction with the iconic, grooved porcelain, designed by Hans-Christian Bauer. Moreover, the decorative harbingers of spring will stand strong as functional mood-makers in Scandinavian homes. Because when the pieces of tableware, in line with Kähler’s handmade design traditions, are decorated with hand-painted watercolours, it helps to bring a poetic and authentic look into the home, while summer inches closer each day.

    It’s always a pleasure when you feel someone has done their best. And you certainly feel that when you look at the beautiful spring adornments on the plates, mugs, eggcups, miniature vases, bonbonnière and, not least, the lovely Easter decorations in the Hammershøi Spring range, which are ready to be hung up, as they have beautiful yellow silk ribbons at the top. All pieces in the range are decorated by hand by Rikke Jacobsen – the same hand that painted the delicate poppies on the Hammershøi Poppy range.

    With Hammershøi Spring, Rikke Jacobsen has based her work on some traditional Easter motifs, while also adding something new to give them a twinkle in the eye. The Hammershøi Spring range is supplemented by new motifs every year, and you can clearly feel the pretty spring feelings in the porcelain thanks to Rikke Jacobsen’s poetic lightness. The motifs are classical but, with her special touch, she manages to bring them to life and make them modern, building bridges between traditional Easter decorations and contemporary home decor.
    Hammershøi Spring
    Service from Kähler Hammershøi Spring

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    The stunning beauty of the poppy

    Hammershøi Poppy

    Set the table with a complete Poppy dinner service and create the look of a beautiful flower meadow, or combine individual pieces with the classic white Hammershøi service that you may already own. You can also play around with the position of the bowls and cups – by turning them this way and that, you can create different looks and styles.

    Poppy is designed by Rikke Jacobsen
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    The story of Kähler begins as early as 1839, when the Dutch potter Herman J. Kähler opens a small ceramics workshop in Næstved and turns the first Kähler vase. It marks the start of a unique design adventure that will one day resonate around the world. However, it is only when his son Herman A. Kähler takes over the famous workshop in 1875 that the ceramic adventure really begins.
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