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Pine cones and holly are some of the elements in nature that many associate with Christmas. We gather pine cones for small decorations, and we cut sprigs of holly for our vases, the door and the wreath. Nature is full of Christmas magic. And this Christmas magic is exactly what ceramic designer Thora Finnsdottir has created in the Christmas Tales series from Kähler. With calm colours and soft shapes, the red Christmas Tales Christmas wreath in a shiny glaze will hang beautifully from your Christmas tree or a spruce branch as a little authentic Christmas story. All figurines in the series are made of ceramic and have a soft and simple appearance. The look is calm and timeless, and different coloured glazes have been used in natural and Nordic shades around the series' elf figurines. Nature’s structures and shapes appear via direct castings of cones and tree stumps, which Thora Finnsdottir has given new life through ceramics with her usual curiosity. The Christmas figurines and hanging decorations from Christmas Tales make an ideal gift, and just as we send out Christmas cards with a loving greeting, we can also delight our loved ones with a decorative figurine that makes us pause and show gratitude for the season and each other.

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Christmas Tales

The Christmas Tales series is a series of evocative, ceramic figures directly inspired by Nordic nature and made in Kähler’s famous handmade quality. With Christmas Tales, you get a Christmas collection that brings Christmas joy and ambiance at this special and magical time. The Christmas Tales series has been created in collaboration with ceramic designer Thora Finnsdottir, who has breathed new life into pine cones, trees stumps and mushrooms you find on the forest bed, bringing the feel of the winter forest all the way into your home.

In short, Christmas Tales presents a world of Christmas magic interpreted through ceramics. Each ceramic Christmas story by Thora Finnsdottir carries a Christmas message and reflects her experimental and exploratory approach to form and narrative, which draws on Kähler’s artistic legacy and handmade design tradition.

The figurines are made of white-glazed ceramic, while the environment around them uses different coloured glazes in natural and Nordic shades. Nature’s structures and shapes have been recreated through direct castings of mushrooms, pine cones and tree stumps, which Finnsdottir has given new life through ceramics.

The Christmas figurines from Christmas Tales make the perfect gift idea. And just like we send Christmas cards with personal greetings, so too we can delight our loved ones with a decorative figure to remind us to stop and enjoy Christmas and each other.
Christmas cheer figure from Kähler Christmas Tales

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