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The 2022 Christmas mug is perfect for Christmas hot drinks - anything from a great mulled wine in December to a cup of coffee after Christmas dinner when everything calms down. It is decorated with a cedar branch, which this year, is decorated with a Christmas heart, liquorice all-sorts, a Christmas trumpet and a small cone that creeps up over the edge of the mug. The adorable Christmas motifs are the creation of artist Rikke Jacobsen. They add a touch of Christmas magic to the classic Hammershøi tableware, evoking memories of Christmas in the good old days. At the same time, they match the contemporary Nordic interior trend, where botanical and earthy tones generate beautiful synergy in interiors and table decoration.


Hammershøi Christmas

Hammershøi Christmas is a classic and modern Christmas series that appeals to everyone whether you're mad about Christmas or mad about design. The classic Hammershøi service truly epitomises Kähler’s handmade design traditions. And in the hands of artist Rikke Jacobsen, the Hammershøi series has been infused with a touch of Christmas magic from the snow-covered and enigmatic world of winter forests, inspired by both botanical and delicate contrasting compositions.

Rikke Jacobsen is an artist who specialises in making art with a naturalistic and poetic touch. And the evocative dinner service from the Hammershøi Christmas series really takes your Christmas mood to new heights. Enriched with poetic watercolours, Hammershøi Christmas features the original Christmas motifs we all know and love. The Christmas symbolism at Hammershøi Christmas is not subject to fads, but should be seen as a tribute to an iconic design heritage where authenticity, durability and aesthetics are paramount.

The design of the Hammershøi Christmas manages to be both simple and rational and sophisticated and traditional in one. And even though the decorations on the service are kept in a modern line, the white Hammershøi porcelain provides the perfect background to ultra-classic Christmas motifs such as the nutcracker, the woven Danish Christmas heart and the Christmas star.

Hammershøi Christmas is a tribute to both Kähler’s iconic design heritage and the Nordic Christmas scenery. And the consistent colour palette of spruce green and pine brown beautifully bridges the Nordic interior trend, where botanical and earthy tones come together to beautifully dominate interior design and table settings. The Hammershøi Christmas series has also grown in line with the popularity of the Christmas dinner service. Today’s dinner service includes enough pieces to complete the table setting for all December meals, from brunch and lunch to Christmas dinner. But thanks to the minimalist style, just a few simple pieces from the service added to a table can really boost the Christmas mood.
Table setting with Christmas service from Kähler Hammershøi Christmas

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