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Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5
Silent Change H18.5

Historically, Kähler is very well known and recognised for their ceramic figurines. A tradition that artist Louise Hindsgavl brings to her work with the Moments of Being series, where she goes both back in time to the old Kähler era, and into the time we find ourselves in now. The Silent Change figurine is about the woman in the process of change and moving towards new times. A new partner, new time alone, a new job, a journey, a new insight or a new place of standing on all things good and bad. The Silent Change figurine's representation of a woman, who looks up thoughtfully with her hand under her chin, beautifully and precisely encapsulates the contemplation and reflection often associated with life major changes – both physical and psychological. Both internal and external. Because it may be changes that only she can see and feel – and changes that are visible to the rest of the world. Silent Change will also be a sweet and meaningful marking of the time up through young teenage years and into adulthood. The transition – the change – from girl to woman. Symbolising a moment of change, the 18.5-cm-high Silent Change porcelain figurine exudes strength, power and optimism. Moments of Being is a series of three female sculptures, which in addition to Silent Change consists of Beginnings and Heavenly Grounded. All figurines are shaped in white-glazed, matt faience in a simple and classic design, where the rounded shapes define each individual woman’s figure.

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Moments of Being

Soft and well-proportioned sculptures pay tribute to the many stages of a woman's life

There are moments in life that we never forget, moments of change and moments where we achieve a special inner peace. In collaboration with artist Louise Hindsgavl, Kähler has set out to create a special tribute to women, and to the femininity and the strength that women possess.

Louise Hindsgavl is one of today’s great artists on the ceramic scene, with several awards and exhibitions behind her. She is particularly known for her provocative porcelain figurines, which she has also designed in collaboration with Kähler. This collaboration is showcased in series such as the Stories of Eve, where she uses devices like provocation, doubt and humour to add a modern twist to Kähler’s classic figurine traditions. The result is a piece of modern art and design for the home – an authentic and challenging form of expression with a vibrant enthusiasm.

Now Louise Hindsgavl is once again behind a series of sculptures. This time she has created the women’s figurines Moments of Being, each in the form of three different female figurines that reflect a woman’s life in all its stages – motherhood, womanhood and self-love. Beginnings, Silent Change and Heavenly Grounded have been designed as a manifestation of the many stages of a woman's life, which, according to Louise Hindsgavl, all deserve to be recognised. Moments of Being is therefore also the perfect gift for new mothers, for women who have embarked on a new chapter in their lives, or for women who are just in a good place right now. All three female figurines have different heights and can stand alone as a work of art or be placed together in a still life composition. Shaped in a white-glazed matt faience, they feature a simple and classic design, where the curved shapes define each individual woman’s figure.

Because the figurines in the Moments of Being series each define a stage in a woman’s life, they obviously celebrate all moments – from the challenging to the happy moments, from the agreeable to the disagreeable, as well as the moments of change. Whatever the stage, the sculptures each symbolise important moments in a woman’s life. Moments that perhaps deserve a little attention? A little recognition? A little celebration? Moments of Being is a tribute to the woman’s many roles – as a mother, wife, girlfriend, boss or a tribute to finding peace in just being herself.
Moments of Being
Kähler Moments of Being

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Louise Hindsgavl

Louise Hindsgavl is one of today’s greatest ceramic artists, with several major awards and exhibitions behind her. She graduated from the Kolding School of Design in Ceramics and Glass in 1999 and has previously exhibited at Trapholt, attended the Biennal for 'Contemporary Ceramics’ in France and received recognition from the Danish Art Foundation in the form of grants.
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Kähler Stories of Eve designer Louise Hindsgavl

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