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This Christmas, Kähler's Nobili series of cone-shaped tealight holders and ornamental cones now features a new satin-gold colour. This classic Christmas colour lends the series a touch of warmth and cosiness. The tealight holders come in three sizes, while the ornamental cones in the series come in two sizes with a brass-look handle. Streaming through the hand-cut holes, the light comes to life as silhouettes dance across the walls and other surfaces of your home. The designers, Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker, designed the series with the goal of introducing a playful look to December home interiors, with hand-made ceramic representations of Christmas traditions. The design plays with the glossy, tactile glaze, countered by the raw, unglazed ceramic that characterises both the candle holders and the ornaments.



Kähler's Nobili is a series of beautiful tealight holders and cones for hanging, which set the mood for traditional holidays with a warm, homely light. The cones and tealight holders ooze cosy atmosphere, and the beautiful geometric shapes are perfect for decorating even the most minimalist Christmas home, where you can see the light come to life through the hand-cut candle holes and projecting different shapes on the home's many surfaces. Nobili Advent candlesticks and cones are designed in contemporary colours, and the many hand-cut light holes make the series the perfect light source for evenings.

Nobili’s modern interpretation of Christmas traditions also includes a decoration ball for hanging in the window, which, like the candlesticks, has lots of hand-cut holes spread casually across the entire surface to create a unique and playful play of light. The design plays with the shiny and tactile glaze, which is offset by the raw, unglazed ceramic that characterises both candlesticks and hanging decorations. The Nobili series' play with the surfaces matches the tactile megatrend of the time, while the series maintains Kähler’s 180-year tradition of craftsmanship. Here the play between ceramics and glaze is the focal point – generation after generation.

The Nobili series’ beautiful, ultra-elegant tealight holders draw inspiration from the Scandinavian winter forest, and through the hand-cut candle holes, the light comes to life and projects different shapes on the many surfaces of the home with a clear reference to wonderful snowdrifts and snow-covered trees and mountains. You can create a personal display with the Nobili series tealight holders in a stylised cone shape and geometric spherical shape together with the other elements in the Nobili series or just display the individual tealight holders as decoration. With or without candles, the candlestick is incredibly decorative and sculptural.

Designers Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker have designed the series based on a desire to bring a playful expression to December’s interior design with handmade Christmas traditions in ceramics. And by combining Kähler’s ceramic origins and the Nordic Christmas in a common design formula, they have created a modern classic where the hand-cut holes are what give Kähler Nobili a unique and evocative look, inspired by Kähler’s handmade design traditions.
Advent candle holder from Kähler Nobili

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