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Omaggio Nuovo is a hand-painted vase series from Kähler. It is a renewal of the well-known Omaggio series, which was first launched in 2008 and today is a modern classic. When Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft – known as the design duo Stilleben – made the Omaggio vase series, they wanted to create a modern homage to Kahler’s world-famous art ceramics. Omaggio Nuovo, meaning "new tribute" in Italian, a recognizable but innovative signature design in Kähler's collection. Stilleben has looked back in the Kähler archive to rediscover colorful, playful new ways to add stripes and colour. The new Omaggio Nuovo has been given an update in shape and has a visual recognition as well as strong reference to old Kähler vases. The hand-painted stripes provide depth and life and tell you about the craftsmanship that lies in each vase. The colors and stripes of the glazes are inspired by the old striped vases and chosen with a respect and interest in earlier times in our culture. With its iconic shape and hand-painted stripes, Omaggio Nuovo celebrates the historic craftsmanship and appeals widely to flower enthusiasts and design lovers.
Vase H30

Vase H30

Blue #690168
Height 30 cm Diameter 22 cm
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Stilleben v/Reckweg & Nordentoft
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Omaggio Nuovo

Since 2008, it has not been possible to say Kähler without saying Omaggio. And the Omaggio Nuovo series brings a stylish renewal to the iconic Omaggio vase, which has been taking the Nordic region by storm for years. A new interpretation in shape and shades that beautifully embraces both design heritage and visions for the future. The Omaggio vase was the vase that started it all, and this is what the other designs in the Omaggio series orbit around, whether it’s the plates, candlesticks or the fine, striped Christmas baubles.

It takes a certain amount of courage to change such a beloved classic as the Omaggio vase – and luckily the duo Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, who co-design under the name Stilleben, have. They have gone back to the workshop, where they have reinterpreted their original design, which breaks with both the white glaze and the plain stripes, and the result speaks for itself: beautiful vases and flowerpots in different colours. And as a nod to the iconic origins, the new Omaggio Nuovo series now features a stripe.

Design history meets modern times in Kähler’s ceramics. And with Omaggio Nuovo, Stilleben fully interprets Kähler’s design tradition in a contemporary and forward-looking perspective. The design language is distinctive and sculptural, bringing new life to the Omaggio series, while the stripes have a clear link back to the originals in Kähler’s historic workshop. 

All the shapes and colours in the Omaggio Nuovo series are designed to work together, creating an interesting and decorative look when vases, flowerpots and candlesticks in different sizes and colours are arranged together, thus allowing Omaggio Nuovo’s sculptural lines to communicate across the board. Fresh flowers and green plants bring life and energy to the home, and with vases and flowerpots in the Omaggio Nuovo series, there are plenty of opportunities to combine a love of ceramics with a love of flowers and plants.

Common to the entire series are the white stripes decorated with the narrower stripes, so the vases and flowerpots get the 'stripes in the stripe' look that characterises Omaggio Nuovo. In keeping with Kähler’s proud craftsmanship traditions, all stripes are hand-painted. This gives them a unique appearance with depth and life that is both classic and modern. Like the vases, the flowerpots are a small work of art in themselves – hand-painted and completely unique.

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