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Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church
This breathtaking light house from the Urbania series is reminiscent of the interior of a church. The thin, white-glazed ceramics attains an almost transparent look when the sparkling tea light illuminates the church-inspired building from the inside. Fill your rooms with joy from the gleaming light rays and alluring silhouettes of the Urban light house. Leave the light house on its own or use it as part of a design tableau.



Urbania is an elegant and modern series from Kähler, where astringent look and handmade design traditions meet the warmth of tealights, creating both style and cosiness on dark December nights. When the days get shorter, we turn up the cosiness indoors, and this is when the candle houses from the ceramic urban collection, which is always cast out a beautiful light, are just perfect. When placed in the middle, the tealight shines out beautifully through windows and doors, creating a cosy glow while the shadows dance and play.

Design history meets modern times in Kähler’s ceramics. And Urbania’s candle houses bring a cityscape into your home, where the warm light flows from the many hand-cut windows in the porcelain town. There are endless options when it comes to arranging the candle house display, and each one represents an architectural journey in time and space.

The collection includes Tivoli’s famous octagonal glass building, Glassalen, which has had countless world stars on stage over the years. The building dates from 1946 and was designed by the famous Danish architect Poul Henningsen. Another monument in the Urbania series is the High Tower, which is meant to symbolise visibility and perspective. The tower has an upright spiral shape with holes and windows of different sizes for the light to flow out. All the candle houses match perfectly, so you can create your very own little town full of light and ambience.

The candle houses are made of glazed ceramic and designed by Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becher, who, like a wealth of other artists and designers over the years, have contributed to Kähler’s diverse collection of traditional handmade designs. The Urbania series has a simple design and a tight silhouette. Each lighthouse exudes authenticity and life, with each door, window or opening having been hand-pricked. Big and small, they are all carved by hand, and their candlelight spills little pools of light and shadow wherever you place them. This is classic ceramic craftsmanship and modern, minimalist design at its best.
Five lighthouses from Kähler Urbania

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The story of Kähler begins as early as 1839, when the Dutch potter Herman J. Kähler opened a small ceramics workshop in Næstved and crafted the first Kähler vase. This was the start of a unique design adventure that would one day resonate around the world. However, the ceramic adventure only truly began when his son, Herman A. Kähler, took over the famous workshop in 1875.
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