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Oval Bowl 17x12
Kähler breathes new life into a lost design treasure with the Ursula bowl. Its multi-functionality, as both a design piece and a graceful bowl, makes it a perfect match for a Nordic interior design culture. Make a traditional dish more inspirational and delicate by serving it in the sunshine yellow design bowl and enjoy how the transparent glaze of the bowl reinterprets the colours from the food in a fascinating reflection.
Oval Bowl 17x12

Oval Bowl 17x12

Yellow #691957
Height 8.50 cm Width 17 cm Depth 12 cm
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Ursula Munch-Petersen
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Ursula is a well-known and beloved faience series, created in 1991 by potter and artist Ursula Munch-Petersen. The oval plates and famous jugs with the long spout can be seen in many homes and, over time, the tableware has become part of the Danish cultural heritage. Therefore, the Ursula series gives you tableware that is both a unique piece of Danish design history, as well as a functional, colourful and decorative range with mugs, bowls, jugs and plates. The tableware's vibrant colours and soft design language create plenty of design pleasure in everyday life, and the minimalist and undecorated design fits perfectly into the modern Nordic interior design culture.

Ursula Munch-Petersen is regarded as one of Danish ceramics’ greatest renewers of form, and the essence of the Ursula design was to break away from the form and colour anonymity that was typical of everyday tableware, and instead give it a new, intuitive look that would match a modern lifestyle. With clear handles and almost caricatured spouts, Ursula Munch-Petersen developed the features of the tableware's pitchers and cups. Moreover, by using oval as the basic shape on plates and bowls, she demonstrated how form could give the design some extra strength and dimension.

Inspired by nature’s beautiful colours, the Ursula range is created to be functional, everyday tableware with charm and personality. Ursula Munch-Petersen was way ahead of her time in terms of design, and the tableware, which exudes colourful dining pleasure, is still ultra-modern and very special. The beautiful exterior is complemented by the tableware's unique functionality, in which the pieces are designed to fit together – both visually but also physically, as they can be stacked and combined in different ways.

The faience series was created for Royal Copenhagen, and was produced by Kähler from 2014. The complex shapes place great demands on the craftmanship and production process, which is long and technically difficult. On the other hand, the result is tableware with a wonderful weight, a high utility value, and large, vibrantly colourful surfaces that pay tribute to Kähler’s handmade design traditions and will thrill both existing and new collectors of the Ursula range.
Green frame from the Kähler Ursula series

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