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Kähler’s designers

Meet Kähler’s
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Kähler’s designers

Designers Bache & Bendix Becker

Bache & Bendix Becker

Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker both graduated from the Danish School of Design in 1996 and have since become the design duo R7B Copenhagen.
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Designer Hans-Christian Bauer

Hans-Christian Bauer

Hans-Christian Bauer is a Norwegian-born industrial designer who graduated from the Design Line of the School of Fine Arts in 2010.
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Designer Louise Hindsgavl

Louise Hindsgavl

Louise Hindsgavl is one of today’s greatest ceramic artists, with several major awards and exhibitions behind her.
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Designer Malene Bjelke

Malene Bjelke

Malene Bjelke is a Danish sculptor whose work with stoneware and figures stems from extensive experience in the theatre.
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Designer-duo Meyer-Lavigne


The Danish design duo Meyer Lavigne consists of Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne. They both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, specialising in ceramics and glass.
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Designer Rikke Jacobsen

Rikke Jacobsen

Rikke Jacobsen is a Danish contemporary artist and ceramic designer who, with a special naturalistic and poetic touch, masters the simplicity of details in her often experimental and modern design.
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Stilleben v/Reckweg & Nordentoft

Stilleben v/Reckweg & Nordentoft

The design duo Stilleben – Ditte Reckweg & Jelena Schou Nordentoft – belong to a new generation of designers who respect tradition but also possess the boldness to innovate.
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Designer Thora Finnsdottir

Thora Finnsdottir

Thora Finnsdottir is known for original Scandinavian design. Her works are a reflection of how she finds inspiration in everyday shapes but adds her own unique design language to them.
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Designer Ursula Munch-Petersen

Ursula Munch Petersen

Ursula Munch-Petersen is the fourth generation of a ceramicist family and has received numerous awards and international acclaim.
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Designer Dorthe Helm

Dorthe Helm

Dorthe Helm is a Danish designer who has primarily worked with textiles and accessories for interior design, but has also recently started making ceramic designs.
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Kähler Hammershøi Summer - Rikke Jacobsen

Rikke Jacobsen

The designer behind Hammershøi Summer

With Kähler’s Hammershøi Summer range, artist Rikke Jacobsen has once again created a blossoming watercolour universe on the iconic Hammershøi series designed by Hans-Christian Bauer. Once again, flora and fauna play a consistent role. As always, the motifs are vibrant, dynamic and evocative.
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